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125 years

Monday, April 3, 1892

New Orleans was visited yesterday by two of the worst fires in its history. Eleven blocks of buildings were destroyed with the lost expected to reach $4,000,000.


Sidney voters re-elected Mayor Ailes yesterday by a margin of 100 votes over the Republican candidate A.B.C. Hitchcock. The two parties divided the council seats with the Democrats naming Gartley in the First ward and Marshall in the Fourth. The Republicans elected William McCullough in the Second and Harvey Graham in the Third. C.F. Hickok and E.J. Hoskins were elected to the Sidney Board of Education.

100 years

Monday, April 3, 1917

Up to three o’clock this afternoon Sgt. Carey had signed up seven new recruits for Co. L. These men, along with any others that enlist in the meantime will be given their physical examination this evening. Sgt. Carey said he hoped to have at least 20 men ready to go to Cincinnati tomorrow.


Appearing before a joint session of the house and senate last night, President Wilson asked Congress to declare that a state of war exists between Germany and the United States because of Germany’s illegal submarine warfare. Both houses of Congress adjourned shortly after noon today without taking action on the war declaration. The Foreign Relations committees in the two houses have the war resolution under consideration.

75 years

Monday, April 3, 1942

Letters and awards were presented to members of the Sidney High basketball team last night. Varsity awards went to Dick Henke, Frank Warbington, Tom Stockwell, Wilbur Johnston, Bob Snyder, and Chan Purdy. Manager awards went to John Bunker and Elton Kaminski. Reserve letters were awarded to Jim Lewis, Ward Beer, Al Mutschler, Dick Kerns and Tom Fogt.


Work was started this week on the construction of a new theatre for Jackson Center. It is being built by C.E. Duff and will adjoin his present building now used as Ford sales and service. The theatre, which will have a seating capacity of 500, is expected to be finished for operation in September.

50 years

Monday, April 3, 1967

TAMPA, Fla. – aging left-handed pitcher Joe Nuxhall, his voice choked with emotion, announced today his retirement from active participation in baseball. Nuxhall said he will become a play-by-play announcer for the Cincinnati Reds.


Frank Muskus continued to work on the Shelby Oaks golf layout today, after competitors turned out in unexpected numbers over the recent weekend. Ed Logue, the newly-acquired pro from Springfield, was highly encouraged by the turnout over the weekend and indicated that he will start classes as soon as possible for both young and old, ladies and gentlemen.

25 years

Monday, April 3, 1992

An agreement has apparently been reached through the Sidney Municipal Court’s new mediation program in a neighborhood dispute involving a woman who is raising chickens in the city, but details of the agreement are not known. Although an agreement was worked out, the neighbors who originally brought the complaint are apparently not entirely satisfied . As one resident put it, “We didn’t get no where with it.”


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