Support Mike DeWine for governor


To the editor:

I am the Shelby County Prosecutor. As such, I had the great pleasure of working with Attorney General Mike DeWine over the past six years. Attorney General DeWine made himself personally available to me on several complicated felony criminal prosecutions. He and his staff provided assistance and insight which proved invaluable to me in the prosecution of those matters.

Attorney General DeWine was proactive in initiating numerous measures which generally enhanced law enforcement efforts throughout our great state. One of those measures was to improve efficiency in the State Crime Lab which allowed local law enforcement to more quickly and effectively process criminal cases. Another measure was to install processes to test “blind” DNA samples which led to the identification of hundreds of sex and violent crime offenders and justice for the victims.

Mike DeWine is uniquely situated to lead the state of Ohio as its governor. He is a past prosecutor, legislator, and attorney general. He cares about us folks at the local level and has a conservative vision for the future of our state and the nation. I am proud to support Mike DeWine for governor.

Timothy S. Sell

Shelby County Prosecutor

Support Mike DeWine for governor

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