To the editor:

Please go and vote on May 8, or vote early, to have your voice heard. I know most people are tired of the political posts and mailings, but I was raised to stand up for what I believe in and what I feel is the right thing to do. As a mother of seven, wife of a county commissioner, daughter of a farmer, employee, and a volunteer in our community, I feel Aaron Heilers is the best choice for the 84th District. He is dedicated to stand up for the hardworking citizens of West Central Ohio.

I know the dedication he and his family have always had to the wonderful area we live in. Aaron and his parents were active in Houston and Shelby County for many years. Aaron and his wife Sarah continue to give back to the community they live in in Shelby County. He has not volunteered just to look good for political reasons, he truly is one of us wanting to give back to this wonderful place we call home.

I know Aaron is fiscally responsible and can see that with campaign donations and expenditures. Aaron has spent the least of the three candidates ($20,000) as of mid-April. His campaign contributors are local business leaders and local farmers who know how important it is to have someone who will stand up for our values. Manchester has spent $50,000, and her largest contributors are her parents and individuals in Columbus. Faber spent $63,000, and his largest contributors are from Akron, Columbus, and Dublin, Ohio. (Information found on the Ohio Secretary of State website.)

Aaron is 100 percent Pro-Life and believes in our Second Amendment rights. He is a father, husband, farmer, business man, and a volunteer in our district. Please join me on or before May 8 to vote for Aaron Heilers.

Thank you,

Lori (York) Homan

Coldwater, Ohio and formerly of Russia

Vote for Aaron Heilers on May 8