Jordan faces opposition on GOP ballot for 4th House District


URBANA — Republican incumbent Jim Jordan has competition for the U.S. 4th District House primary, as Joseph Miller, of Marion, is running against him.

The Lima News, a sister newspaper of the Sidney Daily News, has repeatedly reached out to Miller and has had no response. Miller has filed, but no evidence of an organized campaign has been found.

Jim Jordan

Jordan, of Urbana, has served in Congress since 2007. This is his sixth term. Jordan became the only legislator in state history to win both the Defender of Life award from Ohio Right to Life and the Pro-Life Legislator of the Year award from the United Conservatives of Ohio. He authored the “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan to get the country’s finances on track and offered the only balanced budget of any member of the House or Senate.

Jordan is basing his campaign for re-election on simplicity.

“I always say we make this job too complicated, [but] our job is real simple: do what we told the American people we were going to do. Do what we told the voters in the fourth district we were going to do. Do what we were elected to do, and that mandate was clear in 2016. We need to cut people’s taxes; we’ve been able to get that done. We need to build the border security wall, we need to repeal and replace Obamacare, we need to address the spending problem, we need to stand up for traditional American values and Americans fundamental liberties and we need to make sure — this is critically important — that it is equal treatment under the law. I think far too many Americans think now that there is a double standard, where there’s one set of rules for the politically connected and another set of rules for us regular folks, and that has got to change. I will continue, if fortunate enough to win re-election, to go fight for those policies and principles in the next Congress,” said Jordan.

Jordan would like to continue the fight, and urges voters to vote for him.

“Exactly,” said Jordan.

When asked about the political climate, Jordan made it clear what he thought the problem was.

“The frustration is twofold, I think, for Americans. It’s one, that people get elected and don’t do what they told their voters they were going to do, so that is one of the frustrations so many Americans feel. Things that we campaigned on and things that we were elected to do, the mandate was set in the election, enough of those things aren’t getting done. So that’s part of the frustration. The second big frustration is that there appears to be, as I said earlier, a double standard — one set of rules for us regular people a different set if you’re part of the swamp or part of the politically connected class. If your name is Clinton or Comey or Lynch, you get a different treatment, and that is, again, so contrary to the principles of this great country, where it is equal treatment under the law. So I am very concerned about fundamental liberties, fundamental equal treatment of the law principles that I think have been violated in the last several years. That’s what the frustration is all about,” said Jordan.

He said he is hopeful to get things done for the good of the country.

“Our job, like I said before, I think we make it way too difficult. Our job as a member of Congress, given the privilege to represent the families in our respective districts, our job is to come here and do what we said, plain and simple. And when you do that and you do it with a smile on your face, I think, in the end, you can get a lot of good things done for the country,” said Jordan.

By Merri Hanjora

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