Ohio Poultry Association celebrates National Egg Month


COLUMBUS – May is National Egg Month, and the Ohio Poultry Association (OPA) is marking the occasion by celebrating the nutritional excellence and versatility of the incredible egg.

“National Egg Month is the perfect time to recognize the nutritional value of eggs,” said Jim Chakeres, OPA executive vice president. “Eggs are an excellent source of high-quality protein, provide 13 essential nutrients, and are only 70 calories, which means they can be enjoyed during every meal.”

Americans eat 250 eggs annually. At an average of just 17 cents each, eggs are one of the most affordable sources of high-quality protein. Eggs promote the building and preserving of muscle strength, and help consumers stay energized throughout the day. Additionally, eggs are an excellent source of choline which contributes to a healthy pregnancy and aides in preventing age-related memory loss. Ohio egg-sperts recommend the below recipes to help incorporate eggs into every meal:

Breakfast: Why not make pizza for breakfast? An excellent source of protein and calcium, the Hash Brown and Egg Pizza is a quick and easy option the family will love.

Lunch: Kick the traditional egg salad recipe up a notch by trying Sweet Southern-Style Egg Salad. This 10-minute recipe is easy-to-follow and is the perfect way to use up leftover hard-boiled eggs.

Snack: Veggie Egg Pops are a quick way to help finish the day strong. Use a celery stalk or carrot slice to make a hard-boiled egg into an egg pop and dip them in hummus or guacamole.

Dinner: Mix up the usual dinner recipe by putting an egg on it. Whip up these Turkey Sloppy Joe Sliders with a Fried Egg in just 15 minutes.

Dessert: These Luscious Lemon Lime Squares taste as good as they look. These tart, rich treats are sure to be a hit at any summer picnic.

Ohio is one of the largest egg farming states in the nation producing more than 9.5 billion eggs per year. Ohio egg farmers are committed to providing safe affordable food for consumers and caring for their flocks and the environment during National Egg Month and all year-long.

For more information and recipes, visit www.ohioeggs.com.

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