Reliving younger days


I am reliving my younger days again. Here are, in no order whatsoever, things I remember and did. I always wanted to buy sea horses that were advertised in comic books. Mom said no. I remember my dad eating pickled pigs feet and souse. He was also a race car driver. Does anyone remember Boone Hill racetrack outside of Troy? Dads are special to all little girls. He never spanked me or even punished me in any way. Mom handed out the orders. Nothing made me happier than to go with my dad to a junk yard on Saturday morning. I loved looking at all the cars in big piles. I got to go ice fishing. I never understood the logic of that.

Did I mention pop beads and Dr. Kildare blouses? Also we wore our button-up sweaters backwards. Why? Who knows? Did your saddle shoes have red or white soles? I had a mustard seed necklace. When everyone else was drinking cherry Cokes, I was drinking vanilla Cokes

How about Lucky Strike, no tap backs? If you and your friend said something at the same time, we would say, “A pinch, a poke, you owe me a Coke.”

I was afraid of those Chinese finger puzzles where you stuck your finger in and the harder you pulled, the harder it was to get your finger out. I did like pick-up-sticks and Tiddley Winks.

I always watched “77 Sunset Strip.” Mostly because of Edd Kooky Burns. I also liked “Mr. Ed,” “Lassie,” “Sky King,” “I Love Lucy” and the “Honeymooners.”

This is for the men (I think). Did you play marbles? There were bullies, shooters, cat’s eyes and ones made of clay. How many of you wasted your youth in a pool hall? All of the young boys I knew had guns and pocket knives, and they took their pocket knives to school. Seems so innocent now with all that is going on in the world.

I recall going with my grandfather in his Plymouth to DeGraff to get ice cream cones. Grandpa would also take me to Russell’s Point to play skeeball. I really thought it was a great time. I still do. So simple, yet so meaningful. I still miss him.

I used to listen in when we had a party line. Now don’t act like you never did this!

I put a baseball card in the spoke of my bicycle tires. It made a great sound. I wonder what great card I messed up. Probably some great rookie card which is now worth thousands of dollars!

Do you have trouble remembering people’s names? It is really bad when they know yours!

I do not like Almond Joy candy bars. Do they still have Zero Bars?

Remember when we had two theaters in Sidney? Why can’t small towns like ours be revitalized? Wouldn’t it be nicer to park in front of the store you wanted to visit instead of parking in no man’s land? I think we all need to think about shopping locally. These merchants are hardworking people who support our town. Think about it!

While you are shopping downtown, why not stop at the Senior Center? I bet you will see a friend or two. Check out our exercise room and walking track. We also have two certified trainers. Ask about their hours. They will set up an exercise routine especially for you.

We are a very active senior center. Not only do we have a great exercise room, we also have many exercise classes. We offer billiards, ping pong, chair exercise, chair volleyball, move n groove, pickle ball and many other classes.

We are having an open-to-the-public dance with entertainment by Bill Corfield, May 18 from 7 to 10 p.m. Admission for members is $5 and for nonmembers is $7. Come and dance the night away.

For information, stop in or call 492-5266.

By Eileen Wiseman

The writer is the executive director of the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County.

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