Jordan: Trump is keeping his word to voters


SIDNEY – Continuing support for the efforts of President Trump and immigration laws reform were the messages presented by two visitors from the nation’s capitol during a Shelby County Liberty Group Town Hall session Monday.

A crowd of some 40 people heard an update from U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, and Joyce Mucci, a Regional Field Representative for FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). Both fielded questions from the audience to conclude their talks.

Jordan touted Trump’s accomplishments during the president’s first 18 months in office. He said economic growth is higher than ever before and listed other economic and social trends moving in positive directions.

“We hear how being a politician is a tough thing. But, it’s easy. Tell the people what you are going to do once you are elected. Then do what you told the people you were going to do. That’s why they voted for you.”

“President Trump is keeping his word. His willingness to take on that town (Washington, D.C.), is something positive. He is getting things done,” said Jordan.

He told the crowd to see how the basic freedoms of the U. S. are being attacked. He spoke of the creation of “safe space” and free speech zone” areas being created on college campus’.

“Free speech! Isn’t that we (the U.S.) are all about. Everyone has the right to free speech, so why are these things happening. I asked a college professor if it was okay for someone to say, ‘Trump is president’ and the first thing he says is, ‘that depends’.”

“That’s just stating a fact, yet they can’t say it. This is what these people, who we pay a ton of money to, are teaching our children,” Jordan said.

Jordan spoke of the continued turnover of high ranking officials of the FBI as sign of change. He claimed the embattled officials were part of Hillary Clinton camp’s attempt to oust Trump and the Russia investigation into election involvement.

A visitor asked Jordan why the U.S. continues to send money to foreign countries. He referred to Trump’s work to correct lopsided agreements with other governments. He mentioned NATO stating Trump is expecting allies to pay their fair share.

His bid to become the next speaker of the House of Representatives led to his priorities, if elected. He said he would continue to support Trump’s effort to construct a border wall next to Mexico. His second priority would be to reform the welfare system allowing the able-bodied recipients to work while receiving benefits.

He also noted priorities were to make tax cuts permanent and provide an alternative to the Obamacare healthcare program.

Jordan said the information from Mucci would support much of his goals for immigration support.

Immigration changes discussed

Mucci, who lives in Kansas City, Missouri, works for FAIR out of Washington, D.C., to educate people about their views of bringing about immigration reform.

She said the immigration law is a sovereignty issue for the U.S. Early laws were that immigration was allowed by determining when and where it happen; under correct administrative approval; and, only when it served to enhance the American population.

She told of politics interfering with what should be common sense solutions.

Mucci said it has been a series of bad decisions by several presidential administrations that has led to a path of self-destruction regarding illegal aliens. Living in a post-911 world atmosphere creates additional fears regarding immigration, she added.

She reported the U.S. is paying $116 billion annually for illegal aliens and their children to provide an education, medical care, law enforcement, etc. In Ohio, $649.1 million was spent last year. Of that, $418.9 million was for education with $76.1 million for law enforcement costs, Mucci said.

She questioned why any politician would be against better control of immigration. The efforts of organizations to battle immigration crime includes clearing away employers who exploit people through low wages, sex and human trafficking and smuggling, and discourage families giving their children to strangers to cross the border.

Mucci questioned why sanctuary cities exist. Again, politics lead to decisions that benefit only people who are in the country illegally. She spoke of these places shielding the criminal element as drug cartels now focus distribution in cities friendly towards the immigration cause.

Speaking of the people surge of the southern borders led to President Obama using his judicial power to enact the DACA Program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in 2012, basically an amnesty program for certain age groups of illegal aliens.

Mucci said the U.S. has the largest immigration burden than any other country. Governments not providing for the basics needs of their people is the main problem, she said.

She pointed to the Washington-based politicians refusing to enact proper laws will allow the problem to continue to grow. She encouraged letting elected officials know their stance on immigration.

Mucci can be reached by e-mail at [email protected] or through the organization’s website at

Rep. Jim Jordan, left to right, presents a flag, that was flown over the Capital in Washington, to Phyllis and Dick Carey who won the flag in a drawing at the Shelby County Fair. Jim Jordan, left to right, presents a flag, that was flown over the Capital in Washington, to Phyllis and Dick Carey who won the flag in a drawing at the Shelby County Fair. Steve Egbert | Sidney Daily News

Joyce Mucci, from The Federation for American Immigration Reform, speaks to the crowd at the SCL Town Hall Meeting held at the Sidney VFW Tuesday, Aug. 14. Mucci, from The Federation for American Immigration Reform, speaks to the crowd at the SCL Town Hall Meeting held at the Sidney VFW Tuesday, Aug. 14. Steve Egbert | Sidney Daily News

By Jim Painter

For the Sidney Daily News

Visiting the 4th District

By Melanie Speicher

[email protected]

SIDNEY — The month of August for Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, is traditionally spent visiting the district he represents. This month is no different as Jordan spent Tuesday in Sidney. He met with the SDN prior to his appearance at the Liberty Group Town Hall meeting.

“I’ve spent the day touring businesses,” said Jordan. “I visited Cargill and Freshway Foods. It’s amazing on how strong economy is in West Central Ohio.”

Jordan said he finds strong support for President Donald Trump because of the improving economy.

“His policies have given us 4.1 percent in (economic) growth, the taxes have been cut. People are excited by what they’ve seen.”

Jordan, who has served Shelby County residents for 24 years, said business owners are concerned about the tariffs, but are taking a wait-and-see attitude to see the final outcome of the situation. One company owner in Urbana, he said, is hoping for better agreements with other countries.

“At the G-7, the president said his goal was to have no tariffs,” said Jordan. “That’s my goal too. That should be everyone’s goal. The 4th District voters are willing to wait and see what happens.”

Jordan also commended the Sidney businesses who recruited workers from Puerto Rico to relocate to Shelby County for employment opportunities.

“If the whole world was like West Central Ohio’s work ethics, it would be an amazing place,” said Jordan.

He’s impressed with the Workforce Partnership between the local schools and county businesses and industries.

Jordan the promise of a border wall being built needs to be accomplished.

“We gotta get that done,” said Jordan.

He’s also working toward welfare reform which includes a person who receives welfare must work to receive the benefits.

“The Democrats won’t work for that in Washington,” said Jordan.

Jordan briefly touched on the ongoing investigation concerning an Ohio State University medical doctor and the sexual abuse allegations made by members of the wrestling team. Jordan was an OSU assistant coach at the of the alleged incidents. Several wrestlers have claimed Jordan knew of the incidents and didn’t report them. Jordan said no wrestler ever contacted him about the claims of abuse.

“There are seven coaches who say the same thing I’ve said,” said Jordan. “All kinds of wrestlers have said the same thing.”

Jordan said if he had known about the allegations when he was coaching, he would have stood up for the athletes and fought against the incidents.

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

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