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125 years ago

Wednesday, August 29, 1893

Numerous burglaries are being committed all over the country among farmers. The thieves are taking advantage of the fact that many farmers have withdrawn their deposits from the banks and are hiding the money in their homes. A number of farmers have lost their lives in trying to protect their savings from these marauders. Sidney is favored with banks whose solvency is above question, and the safest place for any man’s money is in the banks.

100 years ago

Wednesday, August 29, 1918

Miss Mary Pfefferle will leave Saturday for Cincinnati to take a post graduate course in kindergarten work in the Missionary Training school. She has conducted a kindergarten here this past summer.

75 years ago

Wednesday, August 29, 1943

Sidney and vicinity are being visited by an unusually large number of crickets, which are finding their way into stores and public buildings as well as homes. They are reported to come in droves in some places, but the invasion appears to be general throughout the city.


Somewhere on the island of Cebu, in the Philippines, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sanders (Florence Smith) are prisoners of the Japanese, according to information reaching the mother of Mrs. Sanders. This news came to her through the official lists of prisoners received through the War Department and is the first official news of her daughter Mrs. Williams had had since March 1942. Both Mr. and Mrs. Sanders were unofficially listed as prisoners two months ago.

50 years ago

Wednesday, August 29, 1968

WASHINGTON – Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower continued to show improvement in recovering from his seventh heart attack today after being removed from the critical list at Walter Reed Hospital. In a mid-morning bulletin, his doctors said: “General Eisenhower has had another comfortable night. The decreased evidence of cardiac irritability noted in yesterday’s bulletin persists. The general’s appetite is improving and his restricted sodium diet is slowly being liberalized.”

25 years ago

Wednesday, August 29, 1993

Photo: Deanna Durnell, 16, holds a bouquet of roses after being crowned queen of the Lockington Volunteer Fireman’s Jamboree on Friday. The first runner-up was Tonya Brown, 15.


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