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125 Years

January 4, 1895

In accordance with the usual custom on New Year’s Day, the members of Summit Lodge, No. 50, Knights of Pythias, kept open house to their friends in Castle hall in the Amos building, New ear’s afternoon, from two to six o’clock. From the opening until the closing hour there was a large number of guests present in the hall and a continuous coming and going


In keeping with time-honored custom about 50 members of Temperance Lodge met yesterday afternoon and visited the widows of deceased members.

100 Years

January 4, 1920

When City Auditor Shaffer requested the books of the secretary of the waterworks be turned over to him in compliance with the ordinance recently passed by council combining the two offices, the waterworks secretary, W.W. Heiser, declined to comply with the request. Mr. Heiser claims the combination of the two offices is illegal and until there is a court decision in the case, he will refuse to turn over the books. The city solicitor has instructed the auditor not to pay any vouchers coming from the waterworks secretary until the case is settled.

75 Years

January 4, 1945

Gas for Sidney was turned into the mains at 2:30 this afternoon, according to a special bulletin issued by John Libbee of the Dayton Power and Light Co. He urged careful conservation of the gas with water heaters on low and gas furnaces set at a maximum of 65 degrees. All commercial users are still held off and bakers will be limited on their supplies, he added. Rising tempertures have eased the situation somewhat, but the gas shortage has spread across a four-state area.


County Auditor Arthur Billing released today figures covering distribution of personal property taxes for the last half of 1944. The total distribution amounted to $76,034, with corporations receiving $32,840, and schools, $21,606, for the major portion of the distribution.


Dick Flanagan, of Sidney, played more than half of the game between the East and West All Stars at San Francisco on New Year’s Day, which saw the West emerge victorious in the closing minutes of the game by a score of 13 to 7.

50 Years

January 4, 1970

CINCINNATI – Permission from the Pope has been received by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese to hold Saturday masses.

The masses, designed to enable Catholics to fulfill their Sunday mass obligation, may be celebrated from 3 to 9 p.m. on Saturday starting Jan. 15. Individual parishes must submit requests to the archdiocese and state their reasons for wanting the Saturday observances.

25 Years

January 4, 1995

WASHINGTON (AP) – John Boehner, an Ohio congressman for just four years, got to nominate the new Speaker of the House.

Frank Cremeans, an Ohio congressman for just a few hours, got to be floor manager for a House resolution.

The senior but still youthful Ohio Rep. John Kasich, 41, became “Mr. Chairman.” And over in the Senate John Glenn and Mike DeWine seemed to be chuckling like old chums.

It was definitely not business as usual Wednesday as Republicans officially took over the House and Senate.

“It feels funny,” said Rep. Tony Hall, D-Ohio, who at this time in 1992 was in a comfortable position on the powerful Rules committee and was chairman of his own Select Committee on Hunger. Two years later, he has neither.


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