Upper Valley Career Center announces first semester honor roll


PIQUA – Upper Valley Career Center has released its honor roll for the first semester of the 2019-20 school year. Below are the Shelby County students who earned honor roll recognition:

All A’s Honor Roll

Anna High School: Adam (A.J.) Arling, Pre-Engineering and Design Technologies; Ally Barhorst, Medical Careers Academy; Anthony Billing, Construction Technologies; Megan Elliott, Medical Careers Academy; Justin Esser, Electrical Trades; Samantha Gratz, Interactive Media; Alyza Hoelscher, Medical Careers Academy; Kyle Homan, Welding; Ethan Kitchen, Electrical Trades; Kelsey Line, Veterinary Science; Andrew Millhouse, Masonry, Plumbing, and Mechanical Systems; Summer Oaks, Veterinary Science; Makayla Platfoot, Cosmetology; and Brandi Weber, Exercise Science.

Botkins High School: Cassandra Anderson, Veterinary Science; Ethan Aufderhaar, Welding; Olivia Jones, Pre-Engineering and Design Technologies; Dalton Lane, Ag & Power Technologies; Marcus Lee, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Bryce McCumons, Discovery; Lauren Meyer, Interactive Media; Sydney Meyer, Veterinary Science; Hannah Ott, Medical Careers Academy; Joseph Schipper, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Nathan Schneider, Ag & Power Technologies; and Zackary Ware, Ag & Power Technologies.

Fairlawn High School: Allan Asher, Masonry, Plumbing, and Mechanical Systems; Michael Hadden, Electronics and Automation; Josh Kempfer, Electrical Trades; Drew Maddy, Electrical Trades; Bailey Massengill, Cosmetology; Jordan Rayl, Welding; Breanna Rufus, Early Childhood Education and Care; Austin Turner, Auto Collision & Repair Technologies; Dustin Turner, Welding; Nathaniel Turner, Electronics and Automation; and Emily Weigandt, Interactive Media.

Fort Loramie High School: Ethan Austin, Ag & Power Technologies; Carson Barhorst, HVAC/R; Chase Barhorst, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Nolan Berning, Electrical Trades; Dustin Billing, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Austin Bollheimer, Ag & Power Technologies; Nicholas Brandewie, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Jason Chaney, Electrical Trades; Logan Cooper, Ag & Power Technologies; Adam Deweese, Electronics and Automation; Jordan Drees, Ag & Power Technologies; Ethan Eilerman, Electrical Trades; Jordan Eilerman, Cosmetology; Nathan Hess, Electrical Trades; Kelsi Holthaus, Exercise Science; Darren Hoying, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Lorissa Hoying, Early Childhood Education and Care; Max Hoying, Electrical Trades; Maddison Lessing, Interactive Media; Tyler Luthman, Ag & Power Technologies; Jared Magoteaux, HVAC/R; Marcus McGowan, Culinary Arts; Jada Mescher, Design & Digital Print Technologies; Andrew (Drew) Meyer, Discovery; Austin Meyer, Ag & Power Technologies; Griffin Meyer, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Nathan Meyer, Electrical Trades; Joshua Vincent (Josh) Pangilinan, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Cole Pence, Electrical Trades; Jasi Piatt, Cosmetology; Jarrett Poeppelman, HVAC/R; Andrea Rodeheffer, Pre-Engineering and Design Technologies; Jake Sanders, Culinary Arts; Brenna Shonk, Veterinary Science; and Conrad Siegel, Electrical Trades.

Houston High School: Rockelle Anderson, Medical Careers Academy; Sage Cowan, Medical Careers Academy; Andrew Elson, Electrical Trades; Kyle Gillem, Ag & Power Technologies; Jadeyn Goings, Culinary Arts; Yvette Hammer, Design & Digital Print Technologies; Kendra Hecht, Medical Careers Academy; Andrew (Andy) Holscher, Ag & Power Technologies; Kayla Huber, Interactive Media; Blake Jacobs, HVAC/R; Kenneth (Kenny) Knapke, Electrical Trades; Vita Maksimov, Early Childhood Education and Care; Patrick Meiring, Electrical Trades; Samantha Miller, Veterinary Science; Karlee Paulus, Interactive Media; Wyatt Poling, Welding; Corey Tingler, Electrical Trades; Allyson Ward, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Mackenzie Wenrick, Cosmetology; Adam Winner, Electrical Trades; and Gabriel Wood, Masonry, Plumbing, and Mechanical Systems.

Jackson Center High School: Elisha Burch, Welding; Leftrick (Steven) Butts, Electronics and Automation; Mallory Nuss, Medical Careers Academy; Mason Platfoot, HVAC/R; Skyleigh Puterbaugh, Medical Careers Academy; Zachary Shaffer, Ag & Power Technologies; Calvin Winner, Electrical Trades; and Jada Yinger, Early Childhood Education and Care.

Russia High School: Joshua Bergman, Electrical Trades; Casey DeLaet, Ag & Power Technologies; Alexis Fairchild, Exercise Science; Victoria (Tori) Heuing, Culinary Arts; Simon Hicks, Welding; Colt Miller, HVAC/R; Edwin Oen, Discovery; Klaryssa O’Reilly, Veterinary Science; Jalynn Osborne, Early Childhood Education and Care; Kelsey Robinson, Veterinary Science; and Kenzi Voisard, Cosmetology.

Sidney High School: Timothy Allen, Welding; Zoe Brant, Veterinary Science; Damen Cooper, Pre-Engineering and Design Technologies; Taylor ((Carpenter)) Daprano, Interactive Media; Brian Downing, Electronics and Automation; Caleb Exley, Electrical Trades; Braden Guinther, Pre-Engineering and Design Technologies; Devon Jones, Pre-Engineering and Design Technologies; Tyra Lee, Medical Careers Academy; Aaron Leibold, Discovery; Morgan Neeley, Early Childhood Education and Care; Jonathan Nielson, Pre-Engineering and Design Technologies; Christian Nolen, Discovery; Kahylee Parke, Veterinary Science; Nathan Topp, Pre-Engineering and Design Technologies; Jarrett Waters, Discovery; Rosalyn Weymer, Interactive Media; and Dylan Whitehead, Pre-Engineering and Design Technologies.

A-B Honor Roll

Anna High School: Kyle Beaty, Welding; Trayton Brandyberry, Welding; David Burden, Masonry, Plumbing, and Mechanical Systems; Levi Cain, Electrical Trades; Zach Ciriegio, Environmental Occupations; Isaac Egbert, Welding; Courtney Hoehne, Discovery; Grace Holbrook, Early Childhood Education and Care; Elijah Holsapple, Discovery; Cole Jones, Interactive Media; Trevor Kloeppel, HVAC/R; Blake Larger, Welding; Ashlynn McCarty, Medical Careers Academy; Anthony Meyer, Welding; and Logan Schlater, Veterinary Science.

Botkins High School: Colby Koenig, Interactive Media; Chloe Richardson, Interactive Media; Brock Rogers, Welding; and Kara Smith-Chamberlin, Early Childhood Education and Care.

Fairlawn High School: Caleb Allen, Ag & Power Technologies; Erick Brooks, Discovery; James Cotterman, Electrical Trades; Dalton France, Ag & Power Technologies; Shauna Gates, Early Childhood Education and Care; James (Cole) Graham, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Chester Hughes, Construction Technologies; Caitlin Little, Veterinary Science; Taylor Long, Veterinary Science; Haylee Musser, Veterinary Science; Alec Osborne, Auto Collision & Repair Technologies; Ashton Piper, Masonry, Plumbing, and Mechanical Systems; Christian Porath, Electrical Trades; Blake Presser, Pre-Engineering and Design Technologies; Brittany Strunk, Interactive Media; and Sabrina Woods, Early Childhood Education and Care.

Fort Loramie High School: Nicholas Barhorst, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Danielle Berning, Landscape Management; Olivia Frey, Teacher Academy; Lora Grewe, Medical Careers Academy; Ellie Holthaus, Medical Careers Academy; Isaac Maurer, HVAC/R; Gloria Olberding, Medical Careers Academy; Shienne Posada, Design & Digital Print Technologies; Iris Ruhenkamp, Teacher Academy; Sebastian Schafer, Auto Collision & Repair Technologies; Sam Smith, Ag & Power Technologies; Kalei Welch, Design & Digital Print Technologies; Danielle Wendeln, Cosmetology; and Destiny Wheeldon, Cosmetology.

Houston High School: Kiersten Bowser, Veterinary Science; Briana Brown, Auto Collision & Repair Technologies; Jairon Douglas, Landscape Management; Macy Duhaime, Cosmetology; Aidriana Fulkerson, Early Childhood Education and Care; Brooke Hereford, Interactive Media; Wesley Jester, Culinary Arts; Ruslan Maksimov, Electrical Trades; Jordan Manuel, Environmental Occupations; Preston (Allen) Meiring, Discovery; Kenneth (Austin) Nash, Ag & Power Technologies; MaKayla Peacock, Design & Digital Print Technologies; Jake Pence, Welding; Skai Schlater, Masonry, Plumbing, and Mechanical Systems; MaKayla Stangel, Cosmetology; Andrew Timmerman, Automotive Technologies; and Nathan Webb, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies.

Jackson Center High School: Grant Lowry, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Thomas Massengale, Welding; Jaden Mullen, Electronics and Automation; Jerron Reese, Ag & Power Technologies; Jonathan Roller, Automotive Technologies; and Trevor Sosby, HVAC/R.

Russia High School: Alexus Booker, Welding; Owen Counts, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies; Austin Huddleston, Exercise Science; Jaycee Lewis, Early Childhood Education and Care; Gabriel Richardson, Exercise Science; Kegan Shefbuch, Electrical Trades; and Korbin Shefbuch, Manufacturing and Machining Technologies.

Sidney High School: Patrick Allen, Auto Collision & Repair Technologies; Hailey Ball, Veterinary Science; Quentin Bean, HVAC/R; Cheyenne Clutter, Discovery; Kaia Cooper, Design & Digital Print Technologies; Elliauna Dierkes, Veterinary Science; Kazlynn Douglas, Medical Careers Academy; Sarah Fagan, Early Childhood Education and Care; Zachary Frohna, Environmental Occupations; Megan Garber, Culinary Arts; Grace Gifford, Veterinary Science; Hannah Hopkins, Interactive Media; Hannah Kemker, Cosmetology; Zane Latimer, Electrical Trades; Isebelle Martin, Cosmetology; Blaine McClain, Computer Information Technologies; Samantha Moses, Landscape Management; Hailey Neves, Medical Careers Academy; Andrea Niswonger, Medical Careers Academy; Kianah Parsley, Cosmetology; Noah Righter, Discovery; Levi Robinson, Welding; Lexus Schaffer, Design & Digital Print Technologies; Samantha Shepherd, Cosmetology; Ronnie Simonson, HVAC/R; Sean Sullenberger, Discovery; SueElla Taborn, Cosmetology; Reid Thomas, Discovery; Brandon VanFleet, Welding; Luke Yerkey, Landscape Management; and Brayden Yinger, Landscape Management.

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