County recorder maintains real estate records


SIDNEY — The Shelby County Recorder is responsible for maintaining all of the vital records pertaining to real estate ownership and all of the encumbrances and liens upon it. It is important that these records are organized and stored in a manner which allows them to be easily researched and located. This is important to individuals purchasing property as well as financial institutions whom are lending money against the property to ensure that there is a clear title. Organized records will assist one when trying to establish a “chain of title” which is necessary while performing a title search on a piece of property.

Shelby County Recorder Jodi Siegel has submitted the following report:

During 2019, the Recorder’s office collected $205,337 in revenue to benefit the county. $172,672.00 of this was deposited into the General Fund and $32,665.00 has been deposited in the Recorder’s Equipment fund. These funds are used for software support as well as a reserve for future equipment needs of the office.

The Recorders’ offices across the state of Ohio are also collecting funds to benefit the Ohio Housing Trust Fund. The Ohio Housing Trust Fund provides affordable housing opportunities, expands housing services and improves housing conditions for low income Ohioans and their families. Pursuant O.R.C., Sec 317.36 (effective Aug. 1, 2003), most all recording fees doubled with 100% of the increase benefiting the Ohio Housing Trust Fund.

This past October, another fee increase went into effect. This was a $6 per document recording fee increase. Three dollars of this fee increase benefits the Ohio Housing Trust Fund and the other $30 benefits the county’s general fund. This is the first increase in recording fees since 1993 that has benefited the counties. Over the last 15 ½ years Shelby County Recorder’s office has generated over $3.8 million for the Ohio Housing Trust Fund. Pursuant to ORC 319.63C, Shelby County has been able to retain 1 percent of this for the county recorder to use in administering the trust fund fee.

The Shelby County Recorder’s office recorded a total of 6,905 documents in 2019 which is up 255 documents from 2018. Shelby County does have the ability to accept electronic recordings and has been doing so since 2014. E-Recording has become more and more popular over the last six years. During the first year E-Recordings were accepted, 551 documents (less than 10 percent) were recorded electronically. During 2019, 2088 documents (30 percent) were recorded electronically. This trend of increasing numbers of documents being recorded electronically is likely to continue upward in years to come.

Electronic recording allows us to reject a document (for a number of reasons) and receive it back and record it all in the same day. Technology has allowed the Recorder’s office to make searching the records a somewhat easier task by making a lot of the indexes available on computer. We are continuously working on projects to better assist individuals when searching the records. For convenience, there are many records an individual may be able to obtain by visiting, but we are happy to assist individuals who chose to visit the office.

Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to noon on Friday.


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