To the editor:

I have been in Shelby County almost all of my 87 years. I have always been proud to be from here. But never prouder than I am now.

The people of this county has followed the orders sent forth to us from our government. Most of us are sad and unhappy because we can not be with our loved ones. Some families are more fortunate than others because they have family they love within reach of their arms. But there are many who are totally alone.

No human voice except the T.V. or phone. But no one to hold or no shoulder to cry on!!

But for the good of all we must continue to stay at home alone if necessary.

Our numbers of cases which is today (April 13, 2020) 27 cases and no deaths. This means a lot of my dear Shelby County friends are doing as requested and should be very proud of themselves for the possibility of saving lives and maybe their own or someone they love.

I understand that many caregivers must shop for groceries and medicine. Many families need groceries but most are using all precautions by wearing gloves and mask in public and only going if absolutely necessary!

Thank God we are low in numbers and I pray we can stay that way. We have to hang on for who knows how long. I would also like to remind everyone that many loved ones are in nursing homes and in the hospital…alone. No visitors!

When I start to feel sorry for myself I ask God to help me. I am not alone. Many of us want our families to touch and hold. But to stay alive we must stay apart in body but together in our love of each other.

May all of us continue to keep the numbers down. May God help us to get through this so we can all be together again with our loved ones. God help us to stay well!!

Charmane L. Fogt