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125 Years

May 26, 1895

Quincy is to have a full-fledged summer resort. It will be known as Riverside park. Last month the Riverside Park Co. was incorporated with a capital stock of $2,000 at $50 per share. Since then $1,500 of the stock has been taken. Site of the park will be about three acres of land owned by Jacob Allinger, located on the north side of the Miami river just above the Allinger mill.


John H. Taft, who is interested in a large oil lease in Logan township, Auglaize county, received word this morning that the first well had been drilled 25 feet into the sand and has 1,000 feet of oil.

100 Years

May 26, 1920

Members of city council at their meeting last night approved an ordinance fixing the salaries of firemen in line with the new law. It makes provision for 10 men to be divided into two shifts of 24-hours each, with the following salaries: chief, $1,500; assistant chief, $1,300, both to serve also as lineman; four drivers, two hosemen, one ladderman and one pipeman, at a salary of $1,200 each.

75 Years

May 26, 1945

Members of senior class at Sidney High school presented “Apron String Revolt” as their class play last evening. Members of the cast, directed by Miss Olive Owens, included: JoAnn Zimpfer, Jim McClain, Letitia Burke, Virginia Neal, Ronald Harrison, Arlyn Robinson, Betty Dye, Phyllis March, Jack Krukenberg, Bernard Clinehens, Joe Shively, Bob Hatfield, and Bill Lonsbury.

50 Years

May 26, 1970

The Federated Woman’s Club closed its current club season with a noon luncheon meeting held Monday, May 25, at the Northtown First National Exchange Bank. Installation of officers was a feature of the meeting.

Installed to serve during the coming year were Mrs. R. W. Sinks, president; Mrs. R.G. Berg, first vice president; Mrs. Arne Perttola, second vice president; Mrs. Warren Enyart, recording secretary; Mrs. James Clark, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. Thurston Smyer, treasurer.


Shelby Countians may complain a lot about their local taxes but they nonetheless pay up more fully and promptly than anyone else in Ohio.

Among the state’s 88 counties, Shelby again shows the lowest tax delinquency percentage following 1969 collections of real estate and personal property taxes, County Auditor Thelma Short said today. It marks the third or fourth straight year that Shelby has finished 88th in the state in tax delinquencies. In this case, last is the best.

25 Years

May 26, 1995

When Sidney High School graduates Jennifer Miller and Ashley Valentine both went to Capitol University four years ago, they “stumbled upon” an opportunity to do volunteer work with Franklin County Children Services.

Miller was talked into volunteering by a professor in her social work class and wanted to do it with someone else. Valentine, her friend since childhood, was the natural choice. “She obviously got the idea from her professor and dragged me along,” mused Valentine.

They expected to work with a young child. Instead, they were assigned to Cynthia, a 16-year-old special needs teen-ager from a multi-problem family. “It’s been different. Her background is so different than ours,” said Miller.

“Working with Cynthia was the best experience either of us could have had,” Valentine said. “We immediately recognized how lucky we were to have been born to the parents we have.”

Miller is the daughter of Ed and Kay Miller. Ashley’s parents are Dr. Philip and Suzi Valentine.

Both students rose to the challenge of working with Cynthia, so much so that they were recently honored as outstanding volunteers by the Ohio Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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