Soul of a man


To the editor:

We have to remember the outrage of the past 2 1/2 years.

Family separations of the border, DACA, Parkland, Charlottesville, Virginia, Obama Care sabotage, Iran Nuke Deal?, tax scam, Roy Moore, failed negotiations with Kim Jung Un, M.B.S., erosion of relations with our best allies, denial of Russian interference in our 2016 elections, attack of constitutional rule of law, racist remarks against any nonwhites and women, criticizing the Chinese when this year 90,000 Trump 2020 flags are being manufactured by them at $1 each.

Trump has defended Nazi, endorsed a pedophile, undermined NATO, taken the word of brutal dictators over our intelligence agencies, signed a tax reform bill that has benefited only the wealthy and repeatedly lied to the poor and middle class supporters about who actually benefited from it, lied about the size of his inauguration crowd, threw paper towels at some Puerto Ricans, has continually tried to deny 30 million citizens health care by eliminating the ACA. Banned transgender and non-citizen people from serving in the military, started a ruinous trade war with tariffs that are costing Americans more out of their pocketbooks and bankrupting farmers. Unduly villainizing the FBI and the CIA because they were doing their job? Trump has fired all the dedicated agency leaders and has appointed temps that will do WHAT HE WANTS, has embraced murderous dictators and strong men in the world because they were strong leaders?

Since this past December/January he was advised by the CDC and the WHO of this deadly pandemic virus coming to our country. Because of his denial and weak indecisions we have experienced over 100,000 souls dead. That will be more than the deaths in VIETNAM AND KOREA COMBINED. From the beginning, he has not taken the advice of our medical experts. Now people in his cabinet have tested positive for the CV. Not long ago he suggested that people inject industrial cleaner in their bodies and sticking UV lights in one of your bodily orifices. He claims that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine pills as a preventative medication. When the FDA said no!!

Look back at his body of presidential work. It’s documented that he has lied to the public more than 18,000 times. This man is slowly breaking down a system that has been working for 230 years. Who’s the traitor?? And people like Davidson, Jordan, and Portman … are quiet.

Our society is broadly and deeply founded. We are not in a position that we have to choose between various unconstitutional extremes. With Trump, we are approaching very near a dictatorship in this country. If he is re-elected, that’s what we’ll get. This man’s soul is as black as night.

Joe West


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