Enjoying the summer days


June is here and Summer weather is upon us!

While many of us are still staying home or are limiting our exposure to public places; there are still a lot of things you can do at home to stay busy and healthy!

The Area Agency on Aging is offering a new At-Home Healthy U workshop! It is a telephone conference call format open to anyone age 60 or better. Participants must live in one of the following counties: Champaign, Clark, Darke, Greene, Logan, Miami, Montgomery, Preble or Shelby! You will receive a tool kit that includes: textbook, relaxation CD, exercise CD and supplemental handouts. For more information please contact Ann Finnicum at [email protected].

The weather is finally good enough to take some walks, work in the flower beds or just sit and relax in the shade of a tree or covered patio. In my neighborhood we have seen a lot more of our neighbors outside recently and have enjoyed visiting with them across the lawns. The upside to “staying at home” is that you get to know your neighbors better! I have made a couple wonderful new friends of the furry wet nose variety. When I go outside to sit on the patio, if they are outside in their yard they make sure I know that they are there. In fact, I get no peace until I go over to the fence and scratch behind their ears for a few minutes! All in all, they are happy dogs trotting off to see what or who else is outside and it brings me a little bit of joy too!

For the readers in the bunch, if you prefer the actual book over the online tablet versions, Amos Memorial public library is offering curbside service. Give them a call at 937-492-8354 and they will be happy to help you!

You could try “surfing the web” for some new summer friendly recipes to try for those cookouts coming up soon. I do this, but then my husband will quickly tell you that I never actually try them! But he just might be surprised this summer, Father’s Day is just around the corner!

Enjoy yourself, find what brings you joy and do it! Keep moving, exercising and eating healthy. Stay in touch with family and friends. Use your imagination and try new hobbies. You just might surprise yourself with what comes next!

Until I see you at the center, Have a Blessed Day!


By Rachel Hale

The writer is the executive director of the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County.

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