ANNA – A resolution for hiring a village tax administrator on a temporary basis and declaring an emergency was approved during Anna’s Village Council meeting on June 9.

Fiscal Officer Stacy Meyer reviewed the unencumbered balance for income tax salaries. The Finance and Personnel Committee, along with Mayor Mark Pulfer, recommended $195 be inserted on the blank within the resolution. Both employees handling the income tax duties will receive $195 per week in addition to their normal wages.

Council also approved a resolution stating the Village of Anna will follow the federal guidelines within the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act related to COVID-19 expenses and declaring an emergency.

Pulfer reported the Rotary report is $0.

Administrator Mike Homan said the South Street project is nearing completion with street lights and paving. More information will be obtained regarding liquidated damages and presented at the next meeting.

The deadline for the driveway completion extension for a resident was May 31, Homan said. As of the June 9 council meeting, no work had been done, and the dirt pile also will be removed as required. The promised completion date will be evaluated at the next council meeting, and fines could be assessed.

Council member Ken Aselage inquired about a resident connecting to a catch basin. Homan said the lateral is flagged out there for the resident.

There was discussion regarding the pool zoning regarding fencing and filling pools. There are various locations where the zoning regulations are not being enforced, Homan said. Meyer will email members the current zoning regulations for discussion at the next meeting.

As of June 9, Meyer said the village had approximately 452 final income tax returns to be filed by July 15. The second disbursement application brings the South Street reconstruction total to $337,591.32, Meyer said.

Auxiliary Officer Kris Lee reported about the vandalism done to equipment and signs within the village and thanked the Public Works Department for taking care of it.

Quotes were presented for a gun purchase of various ARs. Pulfer requested getting quotes from local businesses.

The use of force section of the police department policy manual was given to members.

Officer Aaron Hall has resigned. Two applications were received for auxiliary officers.

It was reported Officer Cody Williams is doing a good job of cleaning and organizing the department. The vests will arrive, and final fittings will be done. Phillip Lloyd is interested in coming back to the Anna Police Department.

The next finance and personnel meeting will be at 6 p.m. July 14. The income tax administrator situation will be reevaluated in September whether to hire someone or keep going as is.

A possible ordinance for the trash and recycling cans was discussed. At this time, it is not recommended to proceed with legislation. A potential auxiliary officer was presented at the meeting.

The next Planning Commission meeting will be July 7 if there is anything to discuss. The next parks and recreation meeting will be at 5 p.m. July 14.

There has been no contact for several months regarding the proposed waterway at the Anna Truck Stop. Homan will send a certified letter giving a deadline to respond by July 27. The topic will be discussed at the July 28 meeting whether to proceed or remove and rescind the offer.

Homan will wait to see where village balances are when looking at the northeast drainage, and the project might not be done this year. Meyer said, depending on which design he wants to go with, there are funds appropriated for storm drainage that could cover the costs.

Various committee seats are available and will be filled.

A list of addresses and names were presented to be on the property maintenance list. Homan reviewed the items he came up with regarding each property. Letters have been sent.

A resident within the potential northeast drainage project will pour a concrete driveway and sidewalks this summer. He requested to have his contractor install the drainage, specific to his property, while he is doing his sidewalks and driveway. This will avoid additional costs if the village has to tear out a portion of his driveway and re-pour it.

The resident requested reimbursement for the drainage portion of the project. Council voted to reimburse him for the costs that would be associated with the northeast drainage project.

Invoices totaling $104,408.75 were presented for payment and approved. The bank reconciliation and reports were approved.