125 Years

July 7, 1895

M.A. Doorley, George Hemm, John Zink, N.W. Thompson, Will Mayer, Al Wurstner, Fred Montanus and Charles Crusey leave this evening for the Loramie reservoir to spend two weeks camping near ‘Chambers’.


Thomas Carey and John Hayes, plumbers, have dissolved their partnership, with Carey retiring.


A meeting of the alumni of Sidney High School was held in the high school hall last night. The following officers for the ensuing year were elected: Ernest C. Amos, president; Ernest Given, vice president; Charles Hall, treasurer, and Miss Beryl Weaver, secretary. A committee composed of J.D. Barnes, Miss Kate Munford, Ernest Given, Miss Beryl Weaver, and Miss Anna Bushwaw was appointed to take the preliminary steps toward organizing the alumni association on a permanent basis.

100 Years

July 7, 1920

The Sidney Board of Education at its meeting last evening decided to submit to a vote of the people at the August primary the question of an increased levy for the schools, as provided in the new revenue law.


It was an enthusiastic crowd that gathered at the assembly room of the courthouse to complete plans for the organization of a Cox-Roosevelt club. A temporary organization was completed, with Clem Crusey, chairman, and Thomas F. Studevant, secretary. Albert Aselage was appointed chairman of the membership committee.


The cornerstone for the new M.E. Church at Botkins will be laid next Sunday. The present church building was built in 1881. The congregation reached the decision to build a new church home last year, but the rail embargo and inability to get materials delayed construction until now.

75 Years

July 7, 1945

Sixty-three officers and enlisted men of Co. K, the local Ohio State Guard unit, will leave at 5 a.m. Sunday for Camp Light, near Zaleski, for the annual encampment of the unit. They will be at Camp Light until Wednesday, when they will be transferred to Camp Perry to complete their week of training. The company will be in charge of Capt. Clyde Millhoff.


The virtual completion of an extensive remodeling and redecorating program was announced today by Ward Bowman, proprietor of Bowman Brothers garage and used cars located on North Dixie highway in the former Western Ohio substation.


Suspension of all employment ceilings in the Sidney-Piqua-Troy war manpower commission area was announced at noon today by E.M. Seving, area WMC director, following approval of the request by the regional director in Cleveland.

50 Years

July 7, 1970

Now interning at Akron City Hospital is Dr. Richard Faler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Faler of R.R. 1, Anna, (Wells road). Dr. Faler graduated from Jackson Center High School in 1962 and received his bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University in 1966.


Shelby County Sheriff Don Laws and seven deputies assisted in attempts to quell disorders at Russells Point over the weekend.

The deputies who helped bring some order to the village during the night Saturday are Sgts. Ed Bland and Herman Deiters, and Vic Elliott, Richard Steinke, Lester Curtner, John Lenhart, and Paul Gies.


After several unproductive years, some of the Shelby County owned farmland at the Children’s Home is being successfully worked this year. Chiefly responsible for getting the 125-acre farm started again is Charles Shaffer, superintendent at the County Home for the Aged.

Shaffer and a few of the men who have helped him operate the county home farm the past several years, began work this spring at the Children’s Home – much to the delight of the county commissioners and the Children’s Services Board.

25 Years

July 7, 1995

Three local residents received awards at the 67th Annual State Future Farmers of America Convention that was recently held in Mershon Auditorium the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus.

Justin Sollmann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sollmann of Anna, was named the Ohio FFA Association’s 1995 Placement in Production Proficiency Award runner-up. Frank Homan, son of Marvin and Carolyn Homan of New Bremen, received the Ohio FFA Association’s 1995 Placement in Production Proficiency Award. Blair Lammers, son of Dennis and Marlene Lammers of New Bremen, was named the Ohio FFA Association’s 1995 Dairy Production Proficiency Award second runner-up.


After nearly four months in orbit, American astronaut Norman Thagard joyfully returned to Earth today with seven others who took part in the first U.S.-Russian space linkup in 20 years. For the first time, a U.S. spaceship brought back more people than it carried at launch. Atlantis left with 5 Americans and 2 Russians and came back with 6 Americans and 2 Russians. Though brief by Russian standard, the space flight was the longest ever for an American.

Joined by a shiny aluminum docking ring 5 feet across, the 100-ton shuttle and 123-ton station formed the single largest spacecraft ever to orbit Earth.


Service is the name of the game in the truck leasing business and in order to better accommodate the needs of Clopay – its primary customer in western Shelby County – Kirk Nationalease has opened a service center in Russia. The new shop, which opened in September, couldn’t be much closer to Clopay – it’s right across the road from the Russia company’s largest plant.


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