Health and Athletics

Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Senior

First Place — Emily Hess

Family Life

Family History Treasure Hunt Beginner, First Year Only

Honorable Mention — Bernadette Borchers

Home Decorating and Designing

Make Over My Space, Senior

Honorable Mention — Emily Holthaus

The Laundry Project

Second Place — Dakota Caskey


Finding Your Voice: Public Speaking Made Easy, Senior

First Place — Ashlee Hess

Companion Animals

All About Dogs, ages 14-18

First Place — Mallory Havenar

Guinea Pig, ages 8-12

First Place — Michelle Miller

Guinea Pig, ages 13-18

Honorable Mention — Anika Arcikauskas

Purrrrfect Pals, ages 8-10

First Place — Maison Epley

Purrrrfect Pals, ages 11-13

Outstanding of the Day — Abby Burkett

Purrrrfect Pals, ages 14-18

Honorable Mention — Liliana Phillips

Second Place — Alisha Cruse

STEM: Veterinary Sciences Division

Horseless Horse

Outstanding of the Day — Hannah Schneible

From Airedales to Zebras

Best of Class — Carter Klopfenstein

STEM: Engineering and Food Science Division

Rockets Away (Solid Fuel)

First Place — Dane Moniaci

Science Fun with Dairy Foods

Best of Class — Amelie Phillips

Robotics 1 with EV3

Honorable Mention — Liam Phillips

Robotics Master

Outstanding of the Day — Luke Homan


Investigating Electricity

Electricity Best Exhibit — Ashtin Bowman

Natural Resources

Beekeeping, Junior

Outstanding of the Day — Liam Phillips

First Place — Dane Moniaci

Beekeeping, Senior

Honorable Mention — Amelie Phillips

How Does Your Garden Grow

Outstanding of the Day — Amanda Roush

Second Place — Vera Kelly

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Best of Class — Ashley Roush

Best Overall Vegetable Gardening Project — Ashley Roush

Second Place — Amy Briggs

Self Determined Natural Resources

Honorable Mention — Kavin Wiley

Outdoor Adventurer

Beginning Fishing

Natural Resources and Wildlife Best of Class — Austin Freisthler

Second Place — Cole Carity

Intermediate Fishing

First Place — Reagan Schloss

Second Place — Austin Heaton

Shooting Sports

Archery, Junior

Best of Class — Michael Klein

Second Place — Gabe VanHook

Archery, Senior

Honorable Mention — Meredith Klein

Shotgun, Senior

Outstanding of the Day — Delia Adkins

Second Place — Douglas Ellison



First Place — Dane Moniaci


Best of Class — Chloe Weigandt

Best of Show — Chloe Weigandt

Outstanding of the Day —Meredith Klein

Outstanding of the Day — Rylie Clune