SIDNEY — The Shelby County Republican Party Central Committee conducted its monthly meeting to discuss plans and efforts leading up to the Nov. 3 General Election. The committee has had limited opportunities to meet over the past five months due to COVID-19 restriction orders issued by the governor’s office.

The committee conducted a secret ballot survey of members to determine the level and depth of local party members’ support for President Donald Trump and its slate of GOP candidates appearing on the fall election ballot. Trump received a resounding unanimous endorsement by the Central Committee membership county-wide.

“Republican Party members across the county were eager to address and confirm our support for the President’s re-election efforts,” Party Chairman Theresa Kerg said.”Our committee’s secret ballot vote provided members with the chance to express their opinions free of any external political pressures.”

She also indicated the membership vote confirmed local citizen response to the Party’s weekly campaign tent efforts each Saturday at the Farmers Market.

“Shelby County is clearly Trump/Pence country today, just as it was in 2016. There is overwhelming enthusiasm in Shelby County for President Trump.” Kerg said.

Campaign committee chair H.R. Pence noted the party’s tent efforts have been extremely successful over the first five weeks of the program.

“We have distributed nearly 750 campaign yard signs to tent visitors and signed-up more than 350 Trump campaign volunteers here in Shelby County for our fall election efforts,” said Pence.

The tent also features visits from local, legislative and judicial candidates who make the time to greet local voters and discuss issues impacting citizens’ lives. The party’s tent also provides Trump campaign merchandise to voters in exchange for campaign donations utilized to support local Party campaign efforts.

“Our campaign tent will be operating every Saturday morning up until the election and is located at the corner of Main and Poplar in Sidney,” said Pence.

The tent staff also provides visitors the chance to register to vote and apply to serve as a polling election official for the upcoming election.

Finance committee chair Gary Heitmeyer outlined his committee’s plans for the party’s annual 200 Club fundraising program. Again due to COVID-19 restrictions, the party will not hold its annual dinner banquet program of recent years. Instead, Heitmeyer’s committee is planning a virtual prize raffle for members similar to how the 200 Club operated at its inception nearly 50 years ago.

“We are disappointed we cannot hold our annual dinner banquet with a prominent Republican speaker, but we recognize the need to keep our members safe,” said Heitmeyer.

The 200 Club will be raffling off a $2,020 prize to one lucky member in commemoration of this year’s election.

“Our 200 Club membership has generously supported the Shelby County Republican Party for half a century,” said Heitmeyer. “We have no doubt member support will continue for our party and its candidates.”

Kerg confirmed the next Central Committee meeting will be held on Monday, Sept. 14. Local, judicial and state legislative candidates will be invited to attend and be provided an opportunity to address the group and respond to member questions.

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