SCARF celebrates 8th anniversary in 2020


SIDNEY — SCARF (Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation) celebrated its eighth year of organization in 2020. While the COVID pandemic limited SCARF’s ability to conduct some activities, the group worked to make accommodations and still had some success.

SCARF’s mission is to raise funds to support the Shelby County Animal Shelter in safe adoptions, education & community outreach concerning abused and neglected animals, medical procedures, eliminating euthanasia of adoptable animals, and maintaining best practices.

Board member Julie Ehemann has submitted the following report:

SCARF works to assist the employees of the Shelby County Animal Shelter in their efforts to care for dogs and cats in the Shelter. In 2020 SCARF contributed over $4700 for immunizations, $9,900 for vet care, and $3653 for TNR services and facilitated the collection of donations consisting of food, blankets, treats, toys, cleaning supplies, etc.

SCARF was pleased to serve the community in finding lost pets through its Facebook page, sometimes within minutes! SCARF also assisted people in finding adoptable pets via support of the Animal Shelter’s adoption process and the utilization of With SCARF’s help, the Shelby County Animal Shelter had over 95% of dogs coming into the shelter adopted or re-united with their owners. Other dogs were transferred to rescue centers throughout the United States or remain waiting for adoption.

SCARF members worked to maintain regular fundraisers this past year including Cans for Canines and Felines, and Dimes for Dogs and Cats. In addition SCARF was pleased to conduct the Top Pet Calendar Contest with over 50 contestants. The Top Pet was named with Pattie Armstrong’s dog Raptor bringing in the most votes. A modified Lip-Sync Battle was held at The Palazzo in November. The Law Sisters won the Battle and the event raised $19,000 with the proceeds dedicated to the Animal Shelter’s Spay/Neuter Program.

The Shelby County Animal Shelter and SCARF, along with support from the city of Sidney continued a TNR clinic (trap-neuter-return) program using volunteers to trap cats at pre-determined locations with a mobile veterinarian unit utilized to perform spay and neuter procedures before the cats are returned to their neighborhoods. Cats are given rabies vaccinations and are given health exams while at the clinic. Eleven clinics were scheduled in 2020 resulting in the seizure of 277 cats to be altered. Plans are in place for twelve clinics in 2021.

Because of COVID, SCARF was not able to conduct much of its educational program called PEP! (Pet Education Project). The PEP! curriculum works to help kids learn the proper way to care for animals with the tag-line “Be Cool, Not Cruel.” Our goal for 2021 is to expand this program working within the confines of the COVID guidelines.

SCARF volunteers are extremely grateful for the continued support they have received from the community, and efforts will continue in 2021 to support the needs of animals in Shelby County.

SCARF would like you to “like” their Facebook page so you can follow their activities or find out how you can help at


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