Land Bank to sell property near Lake Loramie


SIDNEY – The Shelby County Land Reutilization Corp. will sell a property located on Filburn Island at Lake Loramie.

During the Land Bank’s June 15 meeting, Director Doug Ahlers said the Neighborhood Initiative Program released the mortgage on a property at 12266 Short Drive, Minster.

The lot, which a number of buyers have expressed interest in, will be sold as is by sealed bid. Bids must be received by 11 a.m. July 7 in the Land Bank office, which is located in the Shelby County Annex Building at 129 E. Court St., Sidney.

Ahlers also reported the Land Bank has six properties in foreclosure including a property owned by John Deeter at 216 E. Main St. in Port Jefferson and a property owned by Billy Schloss at 304 High St. in Port Jefferson, both of which likely will be demolished because of their condition.

A property owned by Sherry VanFleet at 826 N. Main Ave. in Sidney is tax delinquent. The Land Bank is trying to contact VanFleet. An individual has expressed interest in the property.

Also in foreclosure is a property at 326 W. Park St. in Sidney that went unsold at a sheriff’s sale. Two additional properties in Port Jefferson also are in foreclosure.

In total, the Land Bank has acquired a total of 94 units. Of those, 77 have been demolished and 17 have been sold.

The Land Bank is still negotiating with a property owner regarding a donation to the group.

The Land Bank also continues to pursue the acquisition of a potential property on River Road, which it might be able to donate back to the Park District to become part of the bicycle path, as well as additional properties.

With no additional funding available from the NIP grant, the Land Bank will continue to look for other ways to continue to improve the communities and Shelby County as a whole but nothing is imminent.

Any monies received from disposal of properties will be put back into the Land Bank account to fund future property acquisition/demolition expenses.

The quarterly Ohio Land Bank Association Zoom meeting on June 17 was informative but with no funding on the horizon as of yet, Ahlers said.

With NIP funding depleted, the Allita data system will go offline as of Sept. 30, and the Land Bank will need to download onto its system any records/information it might need in the future. For compliance purposes the Land Bank is required to store this information until Sept. 30, 2024.

For the month of May, the Land Bank’s beginning balance was $545,412.41. The group had no income during the month of May.

Expenses for May totaled $3,758.68, of which $1,340 were program expenses, and administrative expenses totaled 2,418.68.

In addition, two April checks totaling $2,490 cleared the Land Bank account in May. The group’s ending May balance was $541,653.73.

The next regular meeting will be held at 1:30 p.m. Aug. 17 in the Commissioners’ Office. The Land Bank’s July meeting is canceled.

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