NEW KNOXVILLE — The Way International — a Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry — celebrated its 79th anniversary on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021. At The Way International Headquarters, located in New Knoxville, Ohio, the Board of Directors, Officers, Staff, and in-residence Way Corps of The Way International welcomed guests for the teaching service in the Victor Paul Wierwille Word Over the World Auditorium. The service was also livestreamed worldwide in English, French, and Spanish.

On Saturday evening, a fellowship was held to rededicate a mural, The Sower and The Seed, which was repainted on the front of the Outreach Services Center. A Young Adult Fellowship in coordination with the weekend was held in Findlay, Ohio, where young people from around the United States gathered to learn more about God’s Word and fellowship together.

During the Sunday Teaching Service, the President of The Way International the Rev. Vern Edwards taught from God’s Word on “Our Hearts Knit Together in Love.” This is also the new yearly theme for The Way International. To see posts about the new theme, the worldwide celebrations, and information about The Way International, visit their website at photo