What is going on with the SCS system?


To the editor:

I cannot say that I understand the Sidney City School system, but I would like to question what in the world is going on. The taxpayers of the Sidney City School system are now paying over five million dollars per year in new taxes to provide our children and grandchild with a quality education. These revenues came from a large revaluation in the property values (over two million dollars of new tax revenues per year) and a new voted earned income tax (3.3 million per year). We have been reading in the papers and hearing on the nightly news how aids are being fired and rehired, schools are being closed for lack of teaching staff while principals, vice principals, director of education and even treasurers, and superintends who should be holding teaching credentials to hold these positions are not substituting in the class rooms and keeping the middle school open. When I went to school the principal of the elementary school taught the six grade and the principal of the junior high and high school taught high school english (everyday). The school board and Bob Humble (the superintendent) are responsible for helping set school policy. I question if they are doing a quality job if all this muck is surfacing to the top of such a muddy pond. Grandparents I ask you. Do you believe your grandchildren are getting the quality education that we as the elders of the community should be demanding that this new youthful generation need to make this a better world. I have a serious question in my mind if this is really happening under this administration. It is our duty as elders in the community to speak up and ask the school board what is going on and do what they should be doing to set the correct course to help the youth of school district survive in such a tumultuous world that they will be forced to live in just a few years. School board you are our elected representatives do you jobs and find out what is going on.

A concemed grandparent

Michael Fischbach


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