Shelby Visitors Bureau saw spike in Facebook, web visitors


SIDNEY — August generated a robust influx of visitors to the Sidney Visitors Bureau’s Facebook page in both 2020 and 2021 and its number of website visitors and page views nearly tripled in September 2021 from the previous year.

The Visitors Bureau website had 6,826 web sessions in July 2021 compared to 5,491 in July 2020, 5,545 web sessions in Aug 2021 compared to 4,680 in August 2020 and 5,733 web sessions in September 2021 compared to 3,968 in September 2020.

Page views increased from 7,184 in July 2020 to 9,028 in July 2021, from 3,045 in August 2020 to 6,210 in August 2021, and from 3,217 in September 2020 to 9,500 in September 2021, nearly tripling.

New users to the bureau’s website also were up with 5,545 in July 2021 compared to 4,680 in July 2020, 4,284 in August 2021 compared to 1,832 in August 2020 and 5,824 in Sept 2021 compared to 1,993 in Sept 2020, nearly tripling.

Time spent on the Visitor Bureau website increased slightly in July and while decreasing in August and September.

The Sidney Visitors Bureau saw a tremendous decrease (about three-fourths) in Facebook reach, falling from 15,474 in July 2020 (when the popular Spot Restaurant video ran) to just 4,888 in July 2021. It also fell significantly (about two-thirds) from 102,008 in August 2020 (when the field of sunflowers west of McCartyville were featured) to 31,986 in August 2021 (when the motorcycle escort for the traveling Vietnam Wall exhibit ran). However, following a Facebook Boost to promote the Vietnam wall exhibit and car show, visitors increased to 11,315 in September 2021 compared with just 4,949 in September 2020.

In other news, the Sidney Visitors Bureau partnered with the State of Ohio Tourism Bureau to produce a storytelling campaign promoting Sidney as a weekend travel destination. The content of this campaign was uploaded to the Visitors Bureau’s website and will be used again in the Spring of 2022 by the Bureau to promote a weekend getaway to Sidney.

This winter, the Downtown Sidney ‘Grand Illumination’ lights display will be added to the 2021 Ohio ‘Holiday Lights Trail.’

The Bureau’s three-year pledge of financial support to the Great Miami Riverway was renewed and Sidney will continue to serve as the trail head for this national waterway and bike/hike trail.

General information and registration links to the newly opened TownePlace Suites by Marriott were added to the Bureau’s website.

A substantial number of Sidney events were added to the web calendar of The Great Miami Riverway to regionally promote local activities.

Facebook’s “boost” feature proved valuable in promoting awareness about the Traveling Vietnam Wall Exhibit event.

Participation in a program to co-op advertising opportunities with the State’s travel office saved the Bureau $6,175 in ad buys in 2021, suggesting it will be used again 2022.

The November issue of the eNewsletter was distributed to 27,145 subscribers.

Finally, the Bureau’s 2022 operating plan and budget was submitted.

For a complete calendar listing of upcoming events, please visit and be sure to Like Us on Facebook at VisitSidneyOhio.

Facebook visitors spiked in August 2020 and 2021. visitors spiked in August 2020 and 2021.

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