A Good Day for Conservatives


To the editor:

To put it mildly, conservatives had a good day across the country in the recent election.

One year ago, it seemed that the country had gone mad by sending Joe Biden to the White House and electing Kamala Harris as Vice President. (Of course, I continue to have no faith in the way the 2020 election was conducted but that is the subject of another letter.)

We thought our beloved country was on the brink of a complete socialist takeover and there was little we could do to stop it. It seems, however, that we underestimated how thoroughly and quickly that Biden and Harris could mess up everything they touched. The performance of this administration has been so disastrous that even those who are normally passive about politics could not ignore it. The administration managed to find a way to irritate nearly everyone in just ten months.

My point in the above is that we now have a very good reason to take heart and go to work to get the country back on track. It is obvious, however, that the “Progressives” are refusing to acknowledge the message that was sent with the election results. In fact, they are doubling down in their efforts to take us to the extreme left. They are well-funded by manipulative billionaires and we will be doing battle with them for a long time to come. They have proven that they will stop at nothing, whether legal or not, to amass power.

As a side note to this letter, I would like voters to know that we have six Republican candidates seeking the critically important U.S. Senate seat in the May, 2022 primary election. All claim to be strong conservatives, all endorse the America First policies of President Trump, and say they will be effective as Senator. Personally, I have not settled on a preferred candidate. My requirements are that a candidate is not only genuinely conservative but can also win in the general election. It does no good to pass all of the “purity tests” but never make it to office where they can actually do some good for us.

I encourage all conservative voters to look for ways to contribute any way you can to grab the momentum and carry it into 2022 and beyond. We have won an important battle but the real war is just beginning.

Denny York


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