Tree seedling/rain barrel sale underway


SIDNEY — The Shelby Soil and Water Conservation District is taking orders for its annual tree seedling sale. Orders will be taken through Friday, April 1. The seedlings are bare-root, 12-inches to 18-inches tall and will be available for planting the second week of April. A variety of large hardwoods, small trees, shrubs and conifers are available in packs of five. We will also be selling 55-gallon rain barrels with do-it-yourself converter kits.

While it takes a little longer, bare-root seedlings are an economical way to establish trees. They can be planted on site or in a bed. Planting in a bed may allow for an easier way to care for the small seedlings. As they grow they can be transplanted to a permanent location. The species we have available will grow well in this area but should be matched to your situation. Soil type and available sun are important factors. Property lines, buildings, overhead and underground utilities should also be considered. Spring is a good time to plant bare-root seedlings. The naturally occurring rains will provide the needed moisture to help them get started. We encourage planting a variety of species. The dying ash trees serve as an important reminder how quickly an entire species can be wiped out.

Trees are a long term investment, but if planted and cared for properly, are well worth it. The staff can help with selecting the right species. An order form for the seedlings can be found by stopping by our office at 822 Fair Road, Sidney, next to the fairgrounds, on the website or on Facebook. An order form can also be emailed. Call Shelby Soil and Water Conservation District for any questions at 937-492-6520, ext. 3.

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