SCS addresses Tik Tok challenge


SIDNEY -– Sidney City Schools has been made aware of the latest Tik Tok trend among students, with posts challenging students to make bomb threats, school schooling threats, etc. at schools in the United States on Dec. 17. While the posts have not originated in our area, they are not something the school district is taking lightly.

As of Thursday afternoon, there have been no local, credible threats.

Social media is a tool often used to influence others, and not always for the good. It is always important to remain vigilant when it involves these types of threats.l

The district has a role in keeping the students and community safe. Take time to talk to your students about the influence of social media and the potential consequences of engaging in this type of behavior.

“We must take every threat seriously,” said Sidney Superintendent Bob Humble. ”Students face the possibility of suspension or expulsion, and possible legal consequences for making threats.”

Sidney City Schools continues to work with local law enforcement to monitor any threats and ensure the safety of all students.

“These challenges can lead to criminal charges,” added Humble. “We hope our students use common sense when it comes to the challenges and what they share on social media. And further, we hope parents are vigilant in their child’s social media activity.”

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