Reader comments on school board


To the editor:

Hello my name is Nick Inman, and I’m excited for the change coming for SCS. I have seen where Jason Schaffner had said I need to stop spreading lies, and that it’s not good and destroys the morale. I believe the morale has been down because a lack of leadership in our schools. Myself and many others have lobbied for change. I believe under the right leadership and the great possibilities with new members coming on board great things are going to happen. I understand out of frustration Jason waited at the end of the meeting to address me with Fairbanks superintendent. I did talk to him and we had a discussion. There was also job evaluations from Fairbanks Schools where the Board asked Bob to step down, these are indeed facts and not lies. I hope through all this, we can learn, grow, and move forward in a positive direction. It’s obvious people want change and wish the new BOE members the best.

Nick Inman


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