Congress considers Open App Market Act


To the editor:

While most of us are familiar with the large-scale restrictions on free speech, there are other, more strategic ways that companies like Apple and Google also work against the free market. For instance, small and mid-sized app developers are all but boxed out of their industry, as the only way to market their apps are through app stores operated by Google and Apple, which is nothing but a fair playing field. Instead, these platforms self-preference their own apps, charge outrageous transaction fees, and work to make it nearly impossible for the smaller guys to be successful.

Fortunately, Congress is considering the Open App Market Act, which is bipartisan and works to make the app market capitalistic and fair. Congressman Jim Jordan will have the opportunity to vote on this piece of legislation in his position on the House Judiciary, and I hope he helps to protect the small tech companies from the ruthless giants who only play by their rules.

Thank you

Wes Farno


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