Airport raises price of Jet A fuel


NEW KNOXVILLE – Airport aviation fuel costs continue to rise, following the June 14 meeting of the Auglaize County Airport Authority (ACAA).

The ACAA accepted the recommendation of airport manager Ted Bergstrom to raise the price of Jet A fuel to $6.67 per gallon up from $6.39. The cost of 100 low lead fuel remains at $6.75 per gallon. Begstrom noted that Jet A fuel has risen 55 cents per gallon since the May meeting while 100 low lead has risen 80 cents since May.

The ACAA approved the airport manager’s proposal to reseal the exterior of the aircraft fuel tanks. Bergstrom said Advanced Tanks Systems had submitted a bid of approximately $5,500, depending on the cost of the 40 gallons of sealant needed to complete the job. The airport can chose the type of sealant to be used on the project. Once sealing of the concrete exterior is completed, the contractor will vacuum-test the concrete containers that hold the fuel tanks.

Now that the Armstrong Learjet has been moved from the airport to the Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, the ACAA voted to return $2,500 of the $4,500 paid by the museum for airport storage fees. They plan to present a check to the museum at a future event.

Bergstrom complimented the cooperation between Sandy’s Towing and Spectra Jet to move the jet safely on June 6. He also said Baumer Construction did a good job on the new base for the plane.

Although it was cold and rainy, Bergstrom said the June 11 Fly Me To The Moon 5K event was a success, with 375 runners signed up for the event.

Fiscal officer Mark Howe said there was a positive financial picture in the May financial statements he presented to the ACAA. For example, he said while year-to-date expenses were $95,957, down $23,909 from the same time last year, total operating income was $201,591, up $24,581 from the same time last year. He said COVID grants and the 5K run proceeds helped their bottom line.

Jason Clearwaters of BF&S, the ACAA’s consulting firm, reported that the master plan FAA grant was submitted and the aerial mapping will begin soon. It was estimated the FAA grant will be $300,000

He also said the infrastructure bill is still being reviewed for more guidance as to what will be covered. The plan is to roll the airport funding of $295,000 into the 2023 allotment of $295,000 as part of the five year plan.

Since the FAA covered phase one of the apron rehab project, he said there was no reason to think they won’t cover phase two. Phase one is set to begin July 17.

ACAA president Brent Richter said they are still looking for someone to serve a three-year term on their board to replace former member Jason Clark. He said the Auglaize County commissioners should be contacted with names of anyone who might be interested. He added they are particularly looking for someone in the Waynesfield or Wapakoneta area. He noted current members Sara Topp and Gene Will had decided to sign up for another three-year term.

By Sandy Rose Schwieterman

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

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