A tribute to a friend and WWII hero


To the editor:

I didn’t know Bob Sargeant as long as some of you reading this but in the about five or six years I’ve known him, what a wonderful man and friend. I got word yesterday of his passing and it really took me hard.

We had met the morning after my granddaughter Haley and Michael Hageman’s wedding at the 4-H breakfast. I walked by this man and he stopped me and said, ‘Have you ever paid $500 to dance with a lady before?’ I looked at him dumbfounded.Here he had been to the wedding the day before and I had paid $500 to dance with my granddaughter’s first dance. I said what! He said I saw you buy that first dance last night.

Then he invited me to sit down and have breakfast with him and his friends. And how we hit it off! Friends ever since. We introduced ourselves and it’s history since then.

He found out I was from the same area of the county, Perry and Green Township. And the stories went on. Then I told him I was a horseshoer and that I shod horses at Tampa Bay Downs in Florida in the winter and he told me he lived in Marco Island in the winter and I had to visit when I’m in Florida.

So I did that coming winter and what a visit it was and turned into a fantastic friendship We sat and talked for several days while there. Never forget it. I found out he was a World War II vet and I am so proud of our veterans. Then I found out so much of the wonderful man and how welcome he made me.

He was a self-made man who did well for himself. Then found out how of heart this man had and all he has done for veterans and American Legion Post in Florida and Sidney.

And what a love he has had for animals. We would not have the new animal shelter here in Shelby County if not for Bob. A wonderful place.

And all he has done for the elderly at Dorothy Love. And the scholarships he has given at Fairlawn High School where he graduated from.

This man helped so many. I am just proud to have known him and able to call him my friend and hero.

Dick Vondenhuevel


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