Anna Village Council approves new part-time police officer


ANNA – The Anna Village Council unanimously approved Brett Ullom from Huntsville to be a part-time Anna police officer during a regular session on June 14.

The council also unanimously adopted a resolution authorizing additional appropriations for Anna and declaring an emergency. They agreed to suspend the rules of the ordinance, so the ordinance had to only be read once before a motion was made. The ordinance repealing medical marijuana dispensaries was tabled.

Choice One Engineering’s quote for repaving is over $5,000, and the council unanimously approved to contract with this company for an unknown dollar amount. West Drive paving at the park will be quoted soon and stop light sensors at Pike and Walnut streets will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Mayor Mark Pulfer said he is waiting to hear back about establishing a Community Improvement Corporation (CIC). A CIC is a non-profit organization authorized by Ohio’s state legislature for advancing, encouraging and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial and civic development of a community or area.

Councilmember Ken Aselage requested a $2 per hour raise for seasonal employees. Pulfer said he will have an ordinance for the next meeting to adjust the rate of pay for seasonal employees to $13-$18 per hour. Also, hiring two more seasonal employees will be evaluated, bringing the total public works employees to eight.

In Fiscal Officer Stacy Meyer’s report, she mentioned that the South Street final payment of $246,649.60 has been received and submitted to the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC). The income tax refunds totaled $28,963.43, and the permissive auto license fee balance totaled $51,529.35, the latter of which can be used for street projects.

There were three food trucks at the park on June 7, and the same food trucks along with a program put on by the library will be at the park on July 12. Aug. 2 will be National Night Out at the park.

There were multiple citizen concerns, including:

Many stray cats around the village. The council will review options and come up with a solution.

Properties that are run down/not mowed. One property has been served with zoning and mowing violations, and another is in bankruptcy.

The condition of the park. Two toddler swings, purchased through the Endowment Fund grant, are in and need to be hung. The village is also looking into getting a swing for children with disabilities, and a quote has been received. Honda volunteers recently painted structures at the park.

Some areas of the village with no sidewalks and some children will have to walk in the street to and from the bus stop. Pulfer said he will notify property owners that do not currently have sidewalks installed in phase one of Timber Trail and will have sidewalks installed.

The status of hiring a new administrator. Pulfer said some people have been contacted, but interviews have not been set up yet.

The next regular session will be held on July 12 at 7 p.m. in the council chambers.

By Charlotte Caldwell

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