Maria Stein Shrine to host St. Maximilian Kolbe prayer service


MARIA STEIN – Prayer to ask the help of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, the patron saint of those suffering from addiction, will take place on Sunday, Aug. 14 at 2 p.m. in the Adoration Chapel at Maria Stein.

St. Maximilian Kolbe was a great Franciscan saint who was devoted to Mary and Evangelization. He is also a martyr of the Second World War and patron for recovering addicts. He received this patronage through his death, at the hands of the Nazis, who gave him a lethal injection of carbolic acid.

This prayer service is for all those affected by addiction, including family, friends, and healthcare professionals. Service will include scripture reading, reflections, and prayer with the relic of St. Maximilian Kolbe. For additional information, contact the Ministry Office at 419-925-4532.

The Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics provides faith nourishment and spiritual renewal through opportunities for prayer and pilgrimage and inspiration from the lives of the saints. People from around the world visit the shrine to explore and enjoy this environment rich in holiness and history. The Shrine is located at 2291 St. John’s Road in Maria Stein.

To learn more about the Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics, visit

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