Vote King for State Representative


To the editor:

Angie King delivered a dynamic, passionately-prolife speech at the Celebration of Life event in Celina, June 27th. It brought people to their feet applauding. She is the only Ohio State Representative candidate endorsed by both the Ohio Right to Life PAC and the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio. But Angie jumped into the fight defending children’s rights long before all this, when her 2 daughters, who were born deaf, needed cochlear implant devices to be able to hear. Angie was a “mama bear” who worked with the State of Ohio and US Department of Education to advocate and improve policy for the deaf and hard of hearing.

A strong Constitutional conservative, Angie will defend traditional family values and individuals’ religious values. Faith is very important to her. Also, she is a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights; not only for reasons of hunting and sport, but for protecting our families in times of danger. Angie opposes critical race theory (CRT) being taught in our schools because rather than eliminate division, it has furthered it. She stands firmly against far-left ideologies that stray from or stretch the truth and that abandon common sense.

Angie has been a small business owner in real estate investments and served on the Celina City Council in the past. She has a background in leadership. She has worked in the Courthouse. Now let’s put Angie King in the State House!

Judy Bruns


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