Obscenity disturbs reader


To the editor:

I would like to address an issue of obscenity that has become a plague demoralizing our fair city. I’m talking about the flags in my neighbors’ yards blatantly flying “the F word” in reference to our fair and justly elected president. People, you can fly as many pro-Trump flags as you please, and I’ll just shrug and wonder that you would blithely support someone who would willfully tear down our very democracy in his own name and his name only, but publicly flying F**K in 10 inch high letters in a residential neighborhood where six and ten year olds can ride by on their bicycles and think this is neat and acceptable language and behavior, I hope is beneath us. I like to think of Sidney as my newly adopted home. I live and work here, and so pay taxes just like you, but when I invite my 80 year old mother to come see our fabulous town, I don’t want to be showing off that kind of vulgarity. Have some decency.

David Monnin


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