August is Child Support Awareness Month


SIDNEY — This month, Shelby County is joining counties from across the country by recognizing August as Child Support Awareness Month. It’s a national initiative to help inform families about child support and the services that are available to assist them. Studies have shown time and time again when both parents are actively involved in raising children, they are much better off. If children truly are our future, then it is imperative the child support program aid in the healthy development of children, including the emotional and financial support of both parents.

Aside from public education, the child support program touches the lives of more children and families than any other public program. In Ohio, the child support program provides services to more than 1 million children that are served by local child support agencies in each county. It is estimated that the monies collected from child support lower poverty by 25%. Child support is the second largest source of income for single-parent households, providing 39% of their income on average. County Child Support Agencies work diligently to ensure that these children receive financial support for a better future.

The Child Support program encourages responsible parenting, family self-sufficiency, and child well-being. Agencies provide services to locate parents, establish parentage, establish child support and medical support orders, collect, and distribute child support, modify orders when circumstances have changed, and enforce orders that are not being paid.

County Child Support Agencies provide services to families of all types, from divorcing parents to unmarried parents, to caretaker relatives, to children in the foster care program, and others, regardless of family income.

Last year in Shelby County, the CSEA collected $10.4 million dollars for approximately 3,800 cases and were able to collect on 78% of those case.

Support is key for children to grow up happy and strong. Please contact your County Child Support Agency if you have questions about child support.

By Jilll Dodds

Guest columnist

The writer the Child Support Administrator for the Shelby County Job and Family Services.

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