Sports Extra with Dave Ross: 1977: New shoe brand emerging


Some 45 years ago I was beginning to make sales calls for the local radio station, one of which took me to the new venture of two of my high school classmates and football teammates. World Sporting Goods had set up shop in the Village Center on St. Marys Avenue in Sidney. Bruce Cotterman and Doug Knupp were open for business and had just returned from a major sporting trade show.

I’ve always been interested in specific information to find out exactly what’s going on in almost any business environment. I asked what they learned at the recent expo. Both indicated that major changes were coming in athletic shoes. As we grew up, Converse All Stars were the brand of choice and we could buy them from Doyle Holloway near the river off Court Street for around $10. However, that had already begun to change. Adidas was making its mark and others were following.

Then the duo mentioned a brand I hadn’t heard of, one that industry insiders thought could become dominant, and that had been quite visible at the recent show. The name was “Nike,” pronounced ny’-kee, and complete with a unique “swoosh” logo. The brand was already showing high demand and was coming to Sidney.

Nike has performed well ever since.and has ventured beyond shoes to include apparel and equipment. The swoosh is among the world’s most recognizable images.

Mike Greve

Earlier this week I read of the passing of former Lehman HS girls basketball coach Mike Greve. Mike was visible as a coach and announcer for many years but my biggest memory is his singing voice.

When Sidney Memorial Stadium was dedicated just prior to Labor Day in 2004, a public celebration was held on a gorgeous Thursday evening, just prior to the two games on that weekend. The lidlifter was Mike’s stunning “acapella” rendition of our National Anthem. He really nailed it on a special night in our community.

This reminds us that Sidney Memorial Stadium is about to turn 18 as it enters season number 19. Synthetic turf was added in 2014.

Hoying finds team

Shelby County’s first major leaguer has found a team and it’s one he played for briefly last summer. No, it’s not the Toronto Blue Jays. In fact, this team is a decade older that the Canadian nine. Jared Hoying is back with the BT slow pitch softball team in his hometown of Fort Loramie. BT is marking it’s 55th anniversary here in 2022.

Jared’s brother, Justin, has joined him on the BT roster, providing the unique combination of a former major leaguer and team dentist from the same family. I’m told that Jared’s batting average is somewhere up in the stratosphere. He’s obviously seeing the ball very well and making solid contact. Haha…

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