Reader shares story after reading about dog attack at Jackson Towers


To the editor:

I’m writing this letter in regards to an article “Jackson Towers dog attack leads to owners grief” July 15, 2022.

First of all I’m so sorry you lost your dog especially that way.

On May 17, 2022, one of my cats was laying on the sidewalk that leads to my house and right out of the blue, a chow dog (gray and white) snatched him up. When I heard growling and crying from both the dog and my cat I ran outside. He had my cat around his stomach in his mouth. I chased him screaming “put him down,” he did all the way over in my neighbor’s yard. I was hysterical – I’ve never in my whole life seen anything like this. I picked “Tommy” up, carried him in my house and laid him on the floor. He was moving his mouth like he used to do when he was trying to tell me something. Not much came out, then he moved his legs and died. It was horrible.

So I sure know how you feel. No one should ever lose one of their babies that way. My cats are like my family. I’m sure your dog was too.

Just to add something – at first I thought the dog was a shepherd or something else because I was so upset. But my mom was coming over here and on her way two men were trying in two different vehicles to get the dog in one of their cars. She saw what kind he was. I was worried – because school was still in – that this dog would hurt a child or someone walking. Nobody in my neighborhood has ever seen a chow over here. I have no idea where he came from.

Jenny Westerbeck


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