Anna Village Council discusses finances, parking spot and mayor’s court


ANNA – A resolution was adopted, and an ordinance and a resolution entered the first reading at the Anna Village Council meeting on Aug. 23.

The resolution accepted the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission and authorized the necessary tax levies and certified them to the county auditor. The council suspended the rules and unanimously adopted the resolution.

The ordinance discussed designating a to-go parking spot for the Fill My Cup coffee shop, and the other resolution concerned shutting down the operation of the Ohio Mayor’s Court in Anna.

A new program at Fill My Cup called Coffee with the Chief will start on Sept. 24 at 9 a.m. and will be held monthly. This will be an opportunity for residents to bring up any comments, questions or concerns for Police Chief Darrin Goudy.

As mentioned by Administrator Jess Geuy, repaving the west drive of the park will be completed by the end of the year or early next year. There are potential plans for a bridge from Brookside Drive to the park. Public Works Superintendent Jacob Schumpert will install a camera in the sinkhole across the street from Family Dollar. The village corporation signs have also been moved.

In old business, Councilmember Gary Strasser said the school board has been discussing the basketball courts, and the possible options include repaving them to use for dodgeball and PE class or parking for football games. The school might help pay for a new court next to the tennis courts.

Fiscal Officer Stacy Meyer said updating the utility bill software will cost a minimum of $400. The proposed discount for switching to email billing and automated clearing house (ACH) payment will save participants approximately $13 per year, and the council will draft an ordinance to include the 2% total discount on water and sewer charges.

According to Goudy, the forfeited Dodge Charger that was released to the village will be used as a village car or possible police cruiser and will need new rims, tires, minor repairs and painting. The council agreed to move forward with the repairs.

As mentioned previously, the village purchased traps for stray cats that can be signed out to residents. The Humane Society has a farm and rescue facility and is willing to take the rescued or turned-over cats.

In new business, the administrator has the authority to give public works employees a $1 per hour raise if desired. Meyer reviewed the details of a flex-hour schedule for employees and it will be available to most village employees. The council agreed with the policy.

Citizen concerns involved properties around the village with tall grass and trash. A notice and fine have already been sent for one property, and it is up to public works to clean the properties up at the owner’s expense. Only one notice is given per residence per year, and the village can clean up the property at the owner’s expense once the grass hits the 8 inch threshold. The ditch by the park that is maintained by the county was also mentioned because of the unkempt weeds.

Speeding on Christy Avenue was discussed, and a citizen inquired about a sign being placed there. Goudy said he would increase the patrol on the street.

Applications for the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) are due Oct. 1, and Mayor Mark Pulfer said there has been no discussion on the subject. Pulfer said the deadline for sidewalks to be completed on Timber Trail is the end of November, and letters will go out to owners that still need to install sidewalks by then. Either the village or a contractor will install sidewalks around the basin by the end of November.

Another regular session of the council was held on Sept. 13, and the next regular session will be held on Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. in the council chambers.

By Charlotte Caldwell

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