Vote for Kennedy, DeWine Fischer


To the Editor:

Ever since I was old enough to vote, I would take time to research the candidates so I would be sure I was prepared to vote for the best candidates and not be caught by surprise once I was in the voting booth. Not everyone has a lot of time to research the candidates, but perhaps there’s a friend or family member that you trust who has done the research. Don’t just trust the mailers and TV ads because they can be deceiving.

One race that may not be on your radar is that of the Ohio Supreme Court. My dear friend, Sharon Kennedy is currently a Justice and is on the ballot to become Chief Justice. Sharon started out as a police officer protecting the citizens on the streets of Hamilton, Ohio for several years. She earned her law degree and went into private practice handling a variety of litigation. Sharon worked for the Common Pleas Court as a judge and administrative judge for many years. Since 2012, Justice Kennedy has been on the Ohio Supreme Court.

Wow! What a vast amount of experience! Sharon has protected Ohioans on the streets, represented clients in a court of law, decided cases as a judge, and presided over the court as an administrative judge, as well as being an active member of the Ohio Supreme Court. There is not a more qualified candidate to be the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court! She knows how the system works firsthand. Justice Kennedy knows the law well and interprets it as it was written. She’s a strong leader and knows her stuff.

Justice Kennedy and her colleagues, Justice Pat Fischer and Justice Pat DeWine, are all up for re-election. If we lose even one of these seats, then the Ohio Supreme Court falls into the hands of the Democrats with their liberal agenda. Let’s show our strong support in Shelby County. We need big numbers to offset the liberal votes in the big cities.

Vote for Sharon Kennedy, Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer for Ohio Supreme Court! They are true conservatives and need your vote. Also, be sure to vote “Yes” on State Issues 1 & 2 if you want to protect your vote and the safety of your family.

Theresa Kerg


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