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I am happy to report that Ken Pipke, who has been seeking donations of materials for building an improved enclosure for our garden beds has received a donation from an organization that benefits the whole community. In addition to a donation from Judy Webb, from Connection Point Church, FISH, a non-profit organization in Sidney, has sent a donation Pipke was seeking to begin the process of building the fencing systems. This will help us produce more food in a safer way for the Agape Distribution food pantry. Thank you, FISH and others who care about feeding hungry people in the area.

Also, thank you to the Eagle’s Wings Therapeutic Riding Stable in Piqua for their donation of horse manure and the city of Sidney for the leaf mulch. Soon we will be getting soil from Roger Bender that we need to mix with the manure, compost, coffee grounds from High Grounds coffee shop and leaf mulch to fill up the garden beds. We receive donations and volunteer help every week for things needed to keep The People’s Garden healthy and thriving. God is good and he is always on time. We do not worry about things we need, including some gravel from a lady in the neighborhood for under the nice ramp that was built for the Learning Center. Perfect timing every time.

To date the garden has produced 573 pounds of vegetables this season that have been taken into the food pantry, recorded ans given to the shoppers, who are very thankful. Sometimes they will taste something new to them, like arugula, one of the most nutritious greens for your salad.

Right now, in November, we are still weeding, where it’s needed, and harvesting kale, turnip greens, lettuce, arugula, radishes, sage, parsley and soon some snap peas. Garlic will be planted this month for harvest in July. Pipke will be needing some help for construction of the new fencing system in the spring or sooner. Something we can use is some new vegetable seeds for next season, 2020 or later. You can drop them off at the garden on the porch.

Don’t forget that we can host your group at the garden in the Learning Center for meetings, Bible studies, classes on planting seeds, insect control, weeds, companion planting and other interesting ideas, like crafts. Call 937-726-9525 to make a date with the garden coordinators. Winter is a good time for a meeting at the garden. We have heat! Check out our Facebook page for news, pictures and to see when we are at the garden. Watch for news about an open house in the spring at the garden. Learn how we function and how you can be involved along with other friendly volunteers.

The new, completed garden enclosure. new, completed garden enclosure.

By Conelia Dixon

Contributing columnist

The writer is a Master Gardener and a coordinator of the People’s Garden. Reach her at 937-726-9525.

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