When is the death penalty OK?


When is it OK for one person to kill another? Let’s consider some hypothetical scenarios. If Jack is a financial burden on Jill, is Jill justified in killing Jack? If Jack has medical problems that prevent him from having a “normal” life, can Jill kill Jack to prevent him from “suffering”? If Jack is making it harder for Jill to get an education or pursue a career, is Jill justified in killing him? Many people think these are all acceptable reasons for Jill to kill Jack. Unfortunately, a constitutional amendment will likely be on Ohio’s ballot in November to ensure Jill can kill Jack for these, and many other, reasons. The only caveat is that Jill must be Jack’s mother, and Jack must be in his mother’s womb.

I suspect every abortion advocate is mentally listing the most horrific, and rare, scenarios they can present as arguments for killing babies in the womb. I won’t even bother to list them. Instead, I’ll focus on two things that make all those arguments irrelevant. Is the baby in the womb a human being, and has he or she done something to deserve the death penalty? There was a time, before science had advanced to where it is today, that many could be convinced that the baby in the womb was not a person. Even then, that argument was inconsistent because many abortion advocates would happily send someone to prison for destroying an eagle’s egg. They acknowledged that an eagle “embryo” at any stage of development was an eagle but refused to acknowledge that a human “embryo” at any stage of development was a human. Regardless, advances in science have made it impossible for “reasonable” people to argue that a pre-born baby is not a person.

So that leads to the second question we should ask whenever we contemplate abortion. Since a pre-born baby is a person, under what circumstances does he or she “deserve” the death penalty? Obviously, it is a rhetorical question. Babies “never” deserve the death penalty! He or she played no part in whatever horrific unexpected pregnancy scenario someone presents, and he or she does not “deserve” to die no matter what those circumstances are!

Pre-born babies are innocent people. None of them have done anything to deserve the death penalty. Please prepare your heart to vote for life in November!

Dan Cecil


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