Bell Industrial Service introduces dry-ice blasting


SIDNEY — In the beginning of 2022 and continuing throughout the year, at Bell Industrial Service, the company noticed a surplus in the need for workforce and also an increase in the pay individuals were willing to work for.

“Adjusting to the new economic climate meant we had to adapt to this by adjusting pay at a new competitive rate and applying immediate benefits i.e. paid time off on the day of hire for our short and long term skilled trade employees,” said Russ Bell, vice president of sales.

His report continues:

In the last year, we’ve added a number of facilitators to the maintenance training program, specializing in robotics, PLCs, motors, controllers and electrical/mechanical systems. Also, in May of 2022, we introduced our dry-ice blasting service; an EPA, FDA, and USDA approved technique that is sanitary, non-abrasive, as well as non-conductive. With our newest service, we are able to dry-ice blast various type of equipment, from facilities to machines. We’re able to provide this service either in-house or remotely, by using our mobile trailer to travel to onsite blasting/cleaning projects in and out of state.

Looking ahead into 2023, our sales are continuing to increase, with several dry-ice blasting projects scheduled. We will continue to support surrounding companies by providing workforce as needed and expect to expand upon our manufacturing of electrical/mechanical components and fabrication work.

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