A message from the Russia’s superintendent


RUSSIA “I want to start by thanking the Russia Community for supporting the recent bond levy,” said Russia Local School Superintendent Steve Rose. “The building project will create many exciting opportunities for the school and entire community.”

His message continues:

The project includes a new Career Tech Classroom and Shop staffed by the Upper Valley Career Center. For the first time in Russia School’s history we will have an FFA program and offer a variety of new hands-on courses for our students. This will also allow our juniors and seniors to complete more comprehensive work study programs.

The project will also include a Performing Arts Stage. This year Russia School is partnering with Fort Loramie to do a combined performance of Alice In Wonderland. We truly appreciate Fort Loramie School making this opportunity available to our students. We are hoping that the Russia students who are performing in Alice In Wonderland will gain valuable experience and help build Russia’s Performing Arts Program in the years to come. The building project will also house a Community Wellness/Weight Room and Multipurpose Gymnasium that will be open to the entire community for a small annual fee. The Junior High Gymnasium will be expanded to become the New Varsity Gymnasium and our current Varsity Gymnasium will become the Junior High Gymnasium

The new Career Tech Classroom allows for the old Industrial Arts Classroom to be converted into a traditional classroom which will provide room for a Shelby Hills Satellite Preschool Classroom. This will allow all of our special needs preschool students to be served in Russia and it will no longer be necessary to transport our special needs preschool students to Sidney. We are very excited about the new opportunities this project brings to the school district and to the entire community.

This year, Russia School set a theme of “Respect” for the district respect in our words, in our thoughts, and in our actions. Thanks to a grant and some generous community donations, we were able to provide the entire staff and students with “Raider Respect” T-shirts free of charge.

In closing, I want to thank the Russia Community for your ongoing support of Russia Local School. It is your constant support that makes Russia School what it is today and it is very much appreciated!

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