Auditor’s Office has busy year for real estate transfers


SIDNEY — Shelby County Auditor Amy Berning reports that 2022 was a busy year for real estate conveyances.

“In looking back as far as 1981, we found that 1999 through 2006 was actually the busiest for real estate transfers, followed by 14 years of a little slower market, and then a big jump in 2021 with 2005 parcels transferred in Shelby County,” said Berning. “We fell back down to 1807 parcels transferred in 2022 but the average amount paid per parcel was 15% higher than in 2021. These higher sales prices will be considered by the State of Ohio during Shelby County’s Revaluation calculations in the upcoming year.

Her report continues: Values have increased according the sales data, but when the effective tax rates are determined at the end of 2023 for next year’s tax bills I don’t expect the kind of increases that we saw on the 2021 tax bills. That year there was a formula shift in the agriculture piece which will not be happening again”, said Auditor Berning. Still, the hot real estate market will testify that values of real estate are high and it will surely cause some sort of increase on the 2024 tax bills. “Data collection is underway for the Revaluation and updated property photos have almost all been taken throughout the county to be used in determining updated values for 2023. Any further visits by our appraisers will primarily be on properties where there has been new construction or demolition.”

Regarding the state of the County, revenue for the County General Fund came in at a similar level as previous years. Sales tax revenue had a 1.3% increase over 2021, which accounts for a third of the General Fund budget. The General Fund pays for the expenses related to the county –owned buildings and staff for departments such as: the Courts, Sheriff, Prosecutor, Public Defender, Coroner, Board of Elections, Commissioners, Auditor, Treasurer, Recorder, and Veterans’ Services. There are a lot of other funds as well, which have different revenue sources such as grants, state support, levies, and/or fees. Altogether, the County budget is normally around $80 million.

As a reminder to everyone, please take advantage of the Shelby County Auditor’s website! A new feature was added to the Real Estate Search last year which displays the amount each property will be charged for proposed and recently-passed levies in its district. This information is found at the top of the summary page when you pull up a specific parcel. You can also find addresses for any property owner in the county, as well as view things like the complete Levy Distribution to see everywhere your tax dollars are going. Other options such as purchasing dog tags online are also found on the website.

I encourage everyone to call or send an email if you have any questions or ever need help navigating the website.

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