Gay Smith/Associates records best year ever


SIDNEY — Interest rates are up … Interest rates are down … Home prices are up … Home prices are down..Land prices are up and just keep going up … The real estate world post pandemic has been a merry go round … lots of circles and lots and lots of ups and downs.

Gay Smith/Associates posted its best year ever reaching the top spot in Shelby County sales…not counting our out of Shelby county sales, auctions and commercial successes. Gay Smith, Kevin Frazier Jones, Amy Morris, Brian Strunk and Justin Vondenhuevel were all multi million dollar producers with each of our other agents receiving honors, promotions and public notice for jobs well-done in each of their fields.

Smih’s report continues:

Real Estate is a far-reaching term and our goal at Gay Smith/Associates is to help people reach their personal goals of home ownership and have the process be easy and fun and without the pitfalls that can occur without proper direction. Determining affordability is critical and we rely on trusted lenders for support and input. We work with buyers and sellers from our locale and with out of town transfers being able to introduce them to our area and to nearby towns. Our aim is to keep up with the progress coming in 2023 and beyond and keep our agents, their clients and customers in touch with the daily changes.

We received the Platinum Award for our participation with the United Way and continued our support for the Shelby County Dare Program to enlighten young people of the dangers of drug use…highlighting Brian Strunk with his continued leadership. We support SCARF, Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation, whenever possible and promote Furtastic Friday every fourth Friday on our GreenSpace introducing pets to the public and promoting adoptions led by Chastity Crowder, Shelby County’s dog aarden. For less fortunate pets in poor health or elderly, we support Labor of Love for special care with Joe Laber and a team of caregivers.

The welcome mat is in front of our door at 216 E. Poplar St. and we have an agent ready and willing to help you with whatever you may want…buyers or sellers…call Gay Smith/Associates at 937-497-7961 for a unique and satisfying real estate experience brought to you by any one of our educated, enthusiastic and dedicated agents.

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