Old school medicine meets 2023 tech


SIDNEY — When Marshall Pediatrics opened in 2019, no one knew what a challenge the next years would hold. Facing the first years of a new business and then a global pandemic forced the team to decide early what sort of medicine would be practiced within their walls.

Inside the unassuming building on Second Avenue, former home of Dr. Miller’s long standing practice, a bright and cheery update brings the practice a modern look. The real sign of 2023, though, is in the tech.

Dr. Sarah Marshall has submitted the following report:

Marshall Pediatrics focuses on families as well as children, and parents of 2023 are accustomed to using their phones for most services. One of the keys to advanced technology is the texting service. It allows parents to text the practice’s main phone number without needing to access an app, essentially messaging the way you would a friend or family member. Families text with questions or appointment requests, as well as medication refills and cancellations. It allows busy parents to message on their schedule, from work or while caring for their children. Often parents text photos of a concerning rash or a new insurance card. Office staff can return a text with a school excuse or a copy of a vaccine record. The focus is on ease of access and making busy parents’ lives a little easier.

In addition, when it is possible Marshall Pediatrics offers telemedicine visits. While telemedicine is not appropriate for all patient concerns, these are very convenient for families whose children have rashes, pink eyes, mental health concerns, etc. These visits allow children and their parents to have a full audio/video real time visit with Dr. Marshall and address their concerns from their own home.

A visit to the lab at Marshall Pediatrics is also a view of 2023 tech. Many lab studies that are common for children have previously required a visit to a hospital lab and a full blood draw, but Marshall Pediatrics has the capability of doing many of these by a simple finger stick. These include tests for anemia and lead exposure as well as cholesterol. Results are available in minutes. These tests are much more convenient for families and much less traumatic for children.

Amid all of the high tech gadgets and 2023 telecommunication advances beats the heart of old school medicine- a real relationship between one physician, a small dedicated staff of moms, and the children and families who call Marshall Pediatrics their medical home. Parents get to know the voice that answers the phone and the faces that greet them on check in. It is remarkable in 2023 to have the same physician who knows your child at every visit, and to not be bounced from provider to provider for visits. Children are greeted with their nicknames, bring their stuffed animals for check ups, and enjoy the video games in the waiting room, all so they feel at home. Each child’s individuality is celebrated. When families have an emergency at 10 pm and call the after hours line, it is Dr Marshall who answers the phone. Parents don’t have to explain their child’s health history because they already know each other and the subtleties of the child’s health and personality.

In a world where technology can be isolating, Marshall Pediatrics is using all of the tools of 2023- text messaging, telemedicine, and laboratory advances- to bring a little ease to the lives of busy parents. At the same time, this team made up of medical moms is bringing heart, compassion, and connection to children’s medical care in our community.

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