Sidney Alive helps revitalize downtown Sidney


SIDNEY — Sidney Alive has a mission to strengthen the core of the downtown culture by fostering economic development, historic preservation and community events that engages the public through the entrepreneurial spirit of our residents and businesses.

Executive Director Amy Breinich has submitted the following report:

We bring downtown’s stakeholders, policymakers, and property owners together to collaborate on solutions. We ensure the downtown community’s voice is heard and invest in and promote our downtown businesses and assets. And we are dedicated to those actions that promote progress.

Downtown revitalization is important to a community because it can provide a place for people to gather, shop, and enjoy quality of life amenities. Revitalizing the downtown area can create jobs, attract businesses, and increase property values. It can also help to boost the local economy by bringing in more visitors, shoppers, and businesses. Additionally, it can help to reduce crime, improve public safety and provide an attractive and vibrant environment for the community to enjoy.

Downtown revitalization is also a great tool for employee recruitment and retention. A revitalized downtown can help with employee retention by creating a more desirable area to live or relocate to. A vibrant downtown area can provide employees with access to quality-of-life amenities, such as restaurants, shops and entertainment. It can also provide employees with opportunities to participate in events and activities that can help to create a sense of connection and belonging. Furthermore, a vibrant downtown can help to improve the reputation of a company and increase its appeal to potential employees.

2022 was an exciting year for us! The downtown enhancement project kicked off and the team raised over $1.5 million to enhance public spaces through placemaking. The first phases of this project are near completion! People are already using the spaces more and the feedback has been incredibly positive. There is more to come, and we are excited the community is excited about making our downtown visitor friendly.

Why is placemaking so important? Placemaking is important because it creates spaces that are unique, inviting, and memorable for people to enjoy and can be used to create public spaces that are vibrant and alive, with engaging activities and events. Placemaking also fosters a sense of community and belonging, which can help to improve social cohesion and promote a sense of pride in the local area. Finally, placemaking can help to attract new businesses, visitors, and investments to the community, which can have a positive economic impact.

Other initiatives Sidney Alive plays a part in is downtown business recruitment, downtown marketing, riverway connectivity, addressing area housing shortages, logistics for events, small business consulting, and more. We’re excited to continue some of the community’s favorite downtown events like the Easter Egg Hunt and the Winter Wonderland Parade as well as the newer events that help us meet our mission.

Some things to look forward to in Downtown Sidney in 2023 is a concert organized by Murphy’s Craft Bar + Kitchen, performances at the Historic Sidney Theatre, Great Miami Riverway Summit, great family-friendly events, and more to come!

We encourage you to visit our website at and look around at our downtown businesses, sponsors/donors, events, and more. You can also download the Distrx app on your devices to stay up to date with downtown businesses, events, and specials.

If you are interested in opening a business, purchasing downtown property, holding an event downtown, getting involved with Sidney Alive, or wanting to know more about Downtown Sidney, please reach out to our office. Our staff is happy to help you connect with the right people, departments, and navigate all things Downtown Sidney.

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