Commissioners award and authorize advertising for bids


By Charlotte Caldwell
[email protected]

SIDNEY – The Shelby County Commissioners awarded two bids during business between March 9 and March 30.

On March 14, the commissioners awarded a bid of $1,888,059 for the 2023 resurfacing program to Barrett Paving Materials, Inc. One bid was opened for the program on March 9. On March 30, a bid of $287,999.03 from Jutte Excavating in Fort Recovery was awarded for the Hardin Wapakoneta Road bridge rehabilitation project. Three bids were opened for the project on March 28.

The commissioners also authorized advertising for bids and accepted quotes. Bids will open for the Shelby County maintenance garage project at 11 a.m. on April 13 and for the 2023 Eilerman Road sanitary force main replacement project at 11 a.m. on April 25. All quotes for the 2023 road maintenance program – including two quotes for bituminous asphalt materials, four quotes for bituminous emulsion materials, and two quotes for aggregate stone materials – were accepted on March 14.

On March 9, the commissioners authorized Shelby County to receive opioid settlement funds from litigation against pharmaceutical supply chain participants. According to a chart showing allocation to Ohio municipalities on the national opioid settlement website, Shelby County is estimated to receive $524,125.25 as a result of the lawsuit, as listed under the “100% direct payment to subdivision” column.

The viewing and hearing for the petition to vacate alleys around the Wagner Manufacturing site were set for April 11 at 11 a.m. and April 13 at 10 a.m., respectively, and the commissioners approved the petition on March 16.

As a continuation of the radio communications project, the commissioners entered into a lease agreement and easement with the village of Russia on March 14 for the use of property for a transmission tower.

Payments toward weekly expenditures were approved totaling $591,324.60 (March 9), $1,243,732.81 (March 16), $250,691.32 (March 23), and $650,348.43 (March 30). Two amounts of $184,562.86 from sales tax revenue were transferred from the general fund to the engineer’s fund and the capital improvement fund on March 21.

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