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125 Years

May 4, 1898

At the meeting of city council last night, N.C. DeWeese was present and brought up the matter of dogs running at large and destroying flower beds. On motion the city solicitor was instructed to draw up an ordinance in accordance with the state law on this subject.


The receipts of the bowling alley of Karmire Brothers tomorrow will be donated to the Company L boys now in camp at Columbus. All lovers of bowling should take note of this and go and help the boys along.


O.J. Taylor has 12 hens that have laid 819 eggs since Dec. 20. He feels quite proud of them.

100 Years

May 4, 1923

At the meeting of members of the Sidney Country Club last evening in the court rooms, a modified financing plan was adopted to raise $30,000 for purchase of the property and additional land. Minimum subscription of stock will be $100 with $15,000 to be issued in common stock and $15,000 in preferred stock, the latter to be retired by the board of directors as soon as convenient to the financial interests of the club. The plan was given unanimous approval.


The large two-story frame house, located about three miles southwest of Sidney along the Western Ohio traction line on the D,.W, Vandemark farm was destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon. The house was occupied by the Henry Shroyer family. Only a part of the household goods were saved. The flames apparently started in an upstairs room from a defective chimney.

75 Years

May 4, 1948

Shelby County’s latest “tiff” with Mother Nature left thousands of dollars property damage in its wake. Winds of tornado driving rain and hail, cut a swath through the county buildings, uprooting trees and wrecking communication lines. A barn at the Milton Bennett residence on North Dixie was struck by lightning and destroyed by fire, and at the Robert Smith farm, R.R. 3, Sidney, a barn was leveled and seven head of cattle killed. The 2.3 inches of rain caused severe flooding at many places in the area.


The 100th anniversary of Sidney’s Beta Delta chapter and the 17th anniversary of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority were the occasions for a founder’s day observance Friday evening at the Lockington school house. The occasion was also marked by the installation of the local officers: Mrs. Joseph Belser as president; Mrs. Don Thomas, vice president; Mrs. F.W. Oen, secretary, and Mrs. Bernard Hereld, treasurer.

50 Years

May 4, 1973

Snowfall during April, 1973, was the heaviest recorded in the last 21 years, according to a monthly report by David V. Fette, U.S. official weather observer for Shelby County. A total of 5.7 inches of snow fell compared to 1.2 inches in 1972.


HOUSTON – Plans for a new fire house here have been approved by the state and construction will commence within a few weeks, it was reported today.

John T. Carpenter Construction Co., Piqua, was awarded the contract to build the new fire house on a site adjacent to the Houston Community Center.

25 Years

May 4, 1998

A number of Emerson Elementary School students have been recognized for getting straight A’s during the third nine-week grading period.

The students are: Sara Pennington, Samantha Gossard, Lindsay Jones, Megan McElroy, Andrea Olivieri, Tori Trabue, Mikala Weatherhead, Abby Zimmerman, Blair Bowers, Andy DeVelvis, David Dorsey, Joel Finn, and Kayla Fultz.

They will be taken to Arby’s restaurant for a meal.

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